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Education AidInitiatives and Funds to Support Children of Selangor Farmers  

Financial aid to assist bereaving families in Selangor      
Last updated: April 8, 2018 
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What is this programme about?  

There are several initiatives and financial assistance provided by the Selangor State Government to extend financial aid and support to help school going children of low-income farmers and farm workers in the state of Selangor.  The main objective of these initiatives is to extend various support programmes to poor farmer’s children to help them excel in their studies.


  1. Bantuan Biasiswa: This is a one-off scholarship to cover the first semester costs 

  2. Program Kemahiran Teknikal di Kolej INSPENS: Under this initiative, the recipient receives financial assistance to cover both tuition fees and living expenses for the entire duration of the course. This initiative is a collaboration between the state government and INSPENS College. 

  3. School Bus Fare Subsidies provided to finance school bus fare of farm workers’ children.

  4. Additional Classes at Tamil Schools located at Selangor Farms: This is an annual programme to provide additional classes for Tamil school students sitting for Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR).

  5. Joint programmes with NGOs to help children of farm workers to improve in their studies.

  6. Financial assistance is given to Tamil schools that require aid to finance payment of school teachers, maintenance of school buildings, purchase of equipment and improve school facilities.

Who can apply? 

General Eligibility Criteria

(Contact ministry/agency for all other requirements, if any)

  1. Malaysian citizen

  2. Resident in Malaysia

  3. Either mother or father is born in Selangor and must have been residing in Selangor for at least 5 

  4. Income group: Monthly household income less than RM1,500

What are myBenefits? 

Assistance: Scholarships, school bus fare subsidy and free tuition classes 
Income Group: Monthly household income less than RM1,500
Target Group: Low-income farmers in Selangor


Ministry: Selangor State Government
Agency: Seksyen Sektoral, Unit Perancangan Ekonomi Negeri Selangor

Mailing address: 
Tingkat 5, Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, 40503 Shah Alam
Telephone: 03-55447160 / 7636 
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Location: Malaysia

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