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Basic Essentials: Subsidised Public Healthcare Charges

Affordable Healthcare: Primary Healthcare Charges
Subsidised healthcare services  
Last updated: March 2, 2018 

All the information has not been verified by the relevant Ministry/Agency

General Out-patient Treatment Charges
Primary care out-patient treatment is the most common medical service provided at public healthcare facilities. They are available at community, health and policlinics clinics and also at the out-patient department of hospitals.  These primary care services cover a very broad range of basic medical treatments.  The government has standardised the treatment fee at RM1, regardless of the type of treatment or public healthcare facility where the patient is treated. The RM1 charged by all general out-patient care at all government hospitals and clinics covers consultation, diagnosis, treatment and medication.

Emergency Department Charges
The charges for using Emergency Services at public healthcare facilities are minimal. 
Emergency                  RM 1.00
Observation ward       RM 3.00


Payment is waived for:

  • Government employees with an employment confirmation letter from the employer

  • Students with confirmation letter from the school

  • Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) registered from the Social Welfare Department and an OKU cardholder.

In cases where further investigation, tests and procedures are required, the patient only needs to pay for the Observation Ward bed charges. No other fees will be charged.


Assistance: Subsidised healthcare services

Income group: All income segments
Target group: All MalaysiansGroup      

Subsidy: Fully or partially subsidised healthcare services



Ministry/Agency: Ministry of Health (MOH)


Mailing address:

Block E1, E3 , E6 , E7 & E10, Parcel E, 
Federal Government Administration Centre, 
62590, Putrajaya Malaysia

Telephone: 03-80008000
Fax: 03- 8886187


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Out-patient Specialist Charges            
Patients are charged according to the source of referral for out-patient services 

Malaysian Government Hospital Out-patient Specialist Charges 
MOH Out-patient Specialist Charges  >

Other Out-patient Charges            
Patients are charged according to the services provided, regardless of the source of referral.

Malaysian Government Hospital Other Out-patient Charges     

Charges for Out-patient Dental Treatments     

Malaysian Government Hospital Charges for Out-patient Dental Treatments     

Secondary & Tertiary In-patient Care
When a patient is admitted or hospitalised, there are 3 separate charges and a deposit that the patient needs to pay.  
The patient is charged:
(1)    Daily bed charges
(2)    A refundable deposit

(3)    Daily basic in-patient treatment charges
(4)    Required additional investigation, treatment or surgery

Hospitalisation Bed/Room Charges
The daily bed rates are charged according to the choice of the ward which is defined by the number of beds per room and whether it is with or without air-conditioning. At admission, all patients are automatically assigned to class 3, the lowest grade multi-bed ward. However, patients can always choose to upgrade to a higher grade room with fewer patients per room.  

  • Patients who are initially admitted to a lower class then transfer to a higher class at his/her request are required to pay ward charges at the rate of the higher class.

  • Pensioner and government employees who request to transfer to a higher class than their entitlement will be charged the same rate as the public.

  • A Government Employee will be admitted to a third class ward if without guarantee letter from his/her department.

  • Pensioners will be admitted to a third class ward if without pensioner card or other supporting documents.

  • Patients from private firms that are registered with the Ministry of Health will be asked to pay the deposit if they do not have a guarantee letter from the firm.

Malaysian Government Hospital Hospitalisation Bed/Room Charges
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Deposit for Hospitalisation and In-patient Treatment 

The required amount of ward deposit differs for each patient.  It depends on the type of illness, treatment and choice of the ward.  In cases of prolonged treatment and hospitalisation, the deposit must be added when it is less than the interim bill.

Malaysian Government Hospital Deposit for Hospitalisation

At Admission
The patient must pay the security deposit as specified during registration.

The following patients that are exempted from paying the deposit must submit letters issued by the respective employer/school or special privilege cards.

  • Civil servants

  • Government Pensioners 

  • Staffs of MOH registered private companies 

  • Students 

Room Upgrade for Pensioners and Civil Servants
Pensioner and government employees who request to be transferred to a higher class than their entitlement is required to pay a deposit.
First Class - 1 bed       RM 300

First Class - 2 bed      RM 200

First Class - 4 bed      RM 150   

Basic In-patient Treatment Charges
The daily charges for basic in-patient medical treatment are standardised according to the type of room chosen by the patient.  The quality of basic in-patient treatment provided, regardless of the choice of the room, is the same for all patients.

Ward Class      Basic In-patient
First Class          RM 15
Second Class   RM 5.00
Third Class        Free

* All charges are not inclusive of laboratory tests, x-ray, surgical and clinical procedures performed which are charged separately

In-patient fee waiver for some groups of Malaysians
Treatment fees are waived for the following groups of Malaysians but they must produce the required documents at the point of admission.

  • All Malaysians who are admitted for any type of infectious diseases or illnesses

  • Earning less than RM300/month

  • Holding a Social Welfare or National Islamic Council (MAIK) card

  • Disabled person

  • Student

  • Government servant

  • Civil servants who hold certain positions in the government, such as those who are serving in the army and special officials of the government are automatically admitted to first class wards and have their treatments paid for by the government.

Other In-patient Charges
There are other hospitalisation charges, such as laboratory tests, x-ray, surgical and clinical procedures, that the patient needs to pay for if further investigation, tests are required.  In-patient patients also need to pay for more elaborate and specialised treatments.  The investigation procedures, specialised treatments and surgeries are charged according to the class of ward that the patient chooses.  Patients boarding in the more expensive first class ward need to pay more in comparison to second-class ward patients.  As for the third class ward patients, many of these services are for free because the charges are waived and fully subsidised for using tax-revenue collected by the government.  Even if they are not for free, the charges are very heavily subsidised and are very minimal and affordable.  

Malaysian Government Hospital Inpatient services and charges
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