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MyBenefits for Higher Disposable Income: Personal Tax Relief

Tax Reliefs - Reduction in Chargeable Income for Tax Payment   

Reduction in Income Tax Payment Through Exemptions       
Last updated: April 19, 2017 
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Who needs to pay personal income tax?  

Starting in 2013 an individual who earns an annual employment income of RM30,667 (after EPF deduction) has to register a tax file.  Malaysians whose annual income falls below the cut-off of RM RM30,667 after EPF deductions (about RM2,900 per month or less) do not pay tax. 

What is the personal tax rate for Malaysians?
Malaysians are taxed based on a progressive tax system. The tax rates are incremental with the amount of chargeable income. ie, rate increases as income level increases.

When is the deadline for filing and payment?
There are different types of individual taxpayers based on the type of income earned.  There is a different form for each category and a fixed deadline to submit the income tax return form and make the payment that is due.

Ministry/Agency: Inland Revenue Board Of Malaysia
Hasil Care Line
Main Line: 1-800-88-5436 (LHDN) or 603-7713 6666 (Overseas)
Salary Group (No Business Income): 03-7713 6699
Business Group (Self-Employed/ Partnership): 03-7713 6677
e-Filing: 03-7713 6655

Company/Co-operative Society/Employer: 1-800-88-5436 (LHDN)

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What are myBenefits? 

Assistance: Increase disposable income  
Income Group: All income groups
Target Group: Taxpayers with dependents and commitments

What are the tax exemptions/reliefs for personal income taxpayers for the assessment year 2017?

Tax reliefs/exemptions help taxpayers with dependents and commitments to reduce the amount of chargeable income and increase their disposable income.  

Income Tax  April 18, 2018 

Tax Evasion Inland Revenue Board: We'll object to all applications for judicial review

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB) will object to all applications for judicial review in cases against taxpayers. IRB is aware that there are now a lot of cases where taxpayers choose not to go to SCIT (Special Commissioners of Income Tax) but instead file a judicial review application to the High Court and at the same time try to get a stay order for the payment of tax. Read more >

Income Tax  March 18, 2018 

2018 Taxes Tax reduction to benefit about 260,000 tax-payers

About 260,000 tax-payers are expected to benefit from the reduction of the individual income tax rate by two percentage points announced at the 2018 budget. Read more >

Income Tax  March 18, 2018 

Tax Evasion Ease travel ban threshold, taxman urged

Public Accounts Committee recommended a revision of the travel restriction threshold from RM2,000 to RM10,000 for individual taxpayers who are in arrears. Read more >

Income Tax  February 06, 2018 

Tax Evasion IRB to address tax evasion loopholes

IRB focus on individuals and companies engaged in aggressive tax planning, manipulating accounts or involved in large repayments. Read more >

Income Tax  September 17, 2017 

Tax Evasion Doctors make up the bulk of tax dodgers: IRB

Doctors make up the bulk of tax dodgers caught by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) in its tax audit operation in the first eight months of this year.

The additional assessments and penalties imposed on these errant taxpayers for under-declaring their taxes amount to RM1.158 billion, with doctors accounting for RM1.111 billion. Read more >

Income Tax  August 29, 2017 

Tax Evasion IRB to launch tax audit operation on professionals soon

The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) will soon launch an income tax audit operation on professionals involving architects, lawyers, and engineers, says IRB chief executive officer Datuk Sabin Samitah.

He said based on risk analysis, third-party information and Bank Negara Malaysia analysis, some of the professionals had never declared their income.

Sabin said the operation would probably kick off in September or October. Read more >

Income Tax  August 21, 2017 

Tax Evasion IRB collects RM22b in penalties up to July 2017

Inland Revenue Board (IRB) has collected some RM22.329 billion in additional assessment and penalties from the beginning of 2015 up to July 2018. The board audited 1,576,709 individual and 138,203 corporate taxpayers in 2015, collecting RM9.844 billion in additional assessment and penalties. In 2016, it audited 1,742,801 individual and 161,760 corporate taxpayers and collected RM6.378 billion in additional assessment and penalties. Read more >