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1. Financial Aid in the News

Cost of Living Reliefs April 07, 2018 

GE14 Financial Aid For GE14, BN pledges to ‘put more money’ in your pocket
BN has pledged  to provide more cost of living reliefs to Malaysians with programmes that would put “more money” in their pockets to cope with the rising cost of living, Read more >

Welfare March 28, 2018 

GE14 Financial Aid Pakatan to develop a special fund for Indians
A social and economic welfare fund to eradicate poverty and aid the Indian community. The fund will begin with an allocation of RM4 billion for 10 years and funding will be provided by the government and government-linked companies. Read more >

Financial Aid March 10, 2018

80% 2018 BRIM recipients receive the first payment
It was reported that 80% of this year's 7.2 million BR1M 2018 successful applicants have received payments for the first instalment payment of 2018. Read more >

Financial Aid March 7, 2018

BR1M Govt considering higher BR1M for urban poor
The government is prepared to consider increasing the quantum of the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) for the urban poor where the cost of living is much higher in comparison to rural areas. Read more >

General Benefits Nov 17, 2017 

GE14 Financial Aid Penang state govt announces new 'people–friendly' initiatives

Some of the initiatives announced during the state's budget announcement included "I Love Penang" smart card, free public stage bus service was mooted during the daily peak hours, "Pinang Sihat" medical card, free mammogram examination, increased welfare aid amount.  Read more >

2. Housing in the News

Housing April 23, 2018 

GE14 Affordable Homes Malacca recognised as the state which provides most affordable housing in terms of pricing
Khazanah Research Institute together with the World Bank has categorised Malacca as the most affordable housing provider in the country in a report entitled, "Demystifying Affordable Housing Issue in Malaysia 2017.  For example, an affordable house in Malacca costs only RM80,000, compared with one of the northern states where the price is RM240,000.

Read more >


Housing April 18, 2018 

GE14 Public Housing UTC and 500 units People's Housing Project (PPR) for Teluk Intan
PPR houses in Teluk Intan would be developed in two phases, with 250 units in each phase. UTC is a popular one-stop service centre providing various types of government over-the-counter services.  These centres operate 7 days a week and extended office hours to cater to the needs of the public. 

Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)



Housing April 14, 2018 

GE14 Public Housing 5,910 PPR under construction in Kedah

Currently, there were 12 PPR construction projects in Kedah comprising 5,910 units of homes with a total allocation of RM902.5 million Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)


Housing March 26, 2018 

GE14 Affordable Homes Perumahan Nelayan Muafakat Kedah launched 

The Government has allocated RM197.3mil for fishermen village relocations nationwide, involving 1,822 new houses in 13 locations.

Read more >


Housing Mar 06, 2018 

Public Housing PPR tenants offered a rent-to-own deal
People's Housing Project (PPR) tenants will have a chance to own the units through a rent-to-own scheme. The rent-to-own offer would be made to the tenants without any deposit.  Tenants with a good record of payment will be taken into account. Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)


Housing Mar 02, 2018 

Public Housing PPR among proofs government fulfils promises: Najib

The government has allocated RM6 billion to enable the people to own PPR houses at RM35,000 in Peninsular and RM42,000 in Sabah and Sarawak and has successfully completed 83,759 housing units through 120 PPR projects for the needy. The government subsidises between RM80,000 to RM120,000 for each PPR unit, Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)

3. Housing in the News (2017)

Housing Nov 19, 2017 

Public Housing 500 units under PPR to be built in Bagan Datuk
Some 500 units under the People's Housing Programme (PPR) will be built in the Bagan Datuk district to assist the low-income group and needy to own a house. Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)


Housing Oct 12, 2017 

Public Housing: Federal govt urged to build more PPR units in Penang

PPR is a housing programme solely under the jurisdiction of the federal government and the state governments are responsible for carrying out the projects. Currently, Penang has only 999 PPR units. Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)


Housing Aug 17, 2017 

Public Housing 'No response yet on Penang PPR'
The Penang government has yet to receive a response from the federal government for an application to have more People's Housing Project (PPR) to be built in the state.  A letter dated April 20 on the matter was sent to the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry. A 14.674ha plot in Jelutong was proposed as a site for the PPR project which can accommodate 3,000 units. Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)


Housing Aug 12, 2017 

Public Housing KPKT plans to build PPR homes for M40 group: Noh
The urban wellbeing, housing and local government ministry (KPKT) is planning to introduce homes under the People's Housing Project (PPR) to cater to the needs of the middle-income group (M40). Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)

4. Affordable Home Financing in the News

Housing April 14, 2018 

GE14 Home Financing BN to set up special bank to facilitate housing loans if given mandate: Noh

A special bank to facilitate housing loans for affordable homes and low-cost homes will be established if the Barisan Nasional (BN) is given the mandate by the people in the 14th General Election (GE14), Read more >


Housing Mar 30, 2018 

Home Financing Rent-to-own scheme helps M'sians to own homes
The rent-to-own concept which has been introduced to the People Housing Projects (PPR) in Sabah from this year is aimed at providing an opportunity for the lower-income bracket to own homes Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)


Housing Feb 20, 2018 

Home Financing BNM should lower borrowing costs for housing loans: Penang housing exco
the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (Rehda) had stated that the rejection rate for housing loans has gone up to 60%. Read more >


Housing Jan 25, 2018 

Home Financing Proposal to cut housing loan interest rates 
A proposal which would reduce housing loan interest across banks nationwide is expected to be presented to the Cabinet soon, The proposal is aimed at easing the financial burden of those applying for house loans Read more >


Housing Nov 24, 2017 

Home Financing Residential Rental Act: BNM to work with Cagamas to develop a module for the landlord and tenant

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is collaborating with Cagamas Bhd to formulate financing module for landlords and tenants. The Residential Rental Act was revealed in the 2018 Budget The government also proposed a 50 percent tax exemption on rental income received by residents not exceeding RM2,000 month as a move to promote rental of residential homes. Read more >


Housing Jul 10, 2017 

Home financing Rent-to-own housing scheme

The Finance Ministry and the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry appear to have thrown their support behind a private rent-to-own (RTO) scheme to house nine million Malaysians, to be undertaken by Sekretariat Komuniti Prefer Malaysia (SKPM) and a public limited company, Prosma Bhd. SKPM is a community created on the back of a private initiative to assist the government in providing residences to Malaysians and has been appointed to manage 50,000 houses under the RTO scheme.

Read more >

5. Healthcare in the News

Healthcare April 22, 2018 

GE14 Transport Free van service receives thumbs up from dialysis patients in Klang 

The free van service was initiated by the Klang MIC division in 2015 and now provides transport to 120 patients of which 70% are dialysis patients from Klang, Kapar and Shah Alam. The free van service operates daily from 5.30 am and 10 pm.

Read more >


Healthcare April 22, 2018 

GE14 Public Healthcare Facilities Pendang, Kedah  medical centre foundation stone laid

The contractor has been appointed and work will begin on May 7. The four-storey, partially­-specialist hospital costs RM210mil and is due for completion in November 2021. It will provide inpatient and outpatient services, including for accidents and emergencies, medical and surgical care on top of 13 specialist clinics and two operating theatres.

Read more >


Healthcare April 12, 2018 

GE14 Healthcare Facilities Najib launches 12 Health Ministry projects in Penang

12 Ministry of Health's (MoH) projects to construct new healthcare facilities and upgrade existing ones.  There are also projects to add new specialist clinics to Penang General Hospital (HPP). Read more >


Healthcare March 19, 2018 

Medical Subsidy Free Hepatitis C treatment for all
Government hospitals nationwide will be providing free Hepatitis C treatment to all Malaysian patients. The treatment is currently available at 18 public hospitals.  A full course of treatment at a private hospital can cost as much as RM300,000 per patient. It has been estimated that 400,000 Malaysians are infected with Hepatitis C and 23,000 patients are registered with the Ministry of Health’s Hepatitis C registry. Read more >


Healthcare March 19, 2018 

Medical Services Health Ministry reviews 'doula' service
The Health Ministry is in the midst of reviewing whether the service of a "doula" (non-medical assistant during childbirth) should be stopped or continue to be allowed in the country.
Read more >


Healthcare August 22, 2017 

Medical Aid New financial initiative to assist poor end-stage renal failure kidney patients 

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) today launched a financial initiative meant to assist poor end-stage renal failure kidney patients who wish to perform peritoneal dialysis treatment as the alternative renal replacement therapy. 

On the financial aid, he said the amount will depend on the patient's financial status as assessed by the NKF Welfare Department.

"The financial subsidy will be provided for one year and each patient will be reviewed at the end of one year for renewal of the subsidy. The potential candidate can download a form on NKF's website and which an assessment will be made. Read more >

6. PTPTN Loans in the News

Education April 25, 2018 

GE14 PTPTN Loan 50,153 first class graduates exempted from PTPTN loan repayment since 1998 

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) exempted 50,153 first-class graduates at all institutions of higher learning in the country from the repayment of their loans between 1998 and March 2018 which amounts to RM1.526 billion. Read more >


Education April 09, 2018 

GE14 PTPTN Loan BN also pledged to delay PTPTN Repayment 

BN has also pledged to delay PTPTN repayments until the borrower obtains a monthly salary of RM4,000, and provide tax incentives for employers to help pay their employee PTPTN loans without a salary deduction. Read more >


Education April 04, 2018 

PTPTN Loan 60% of black-listed PTPTN borrowers repay loans

Sixty percent of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) borrowers who were black-listed by the Malaysian Immigration Department have repaid their loans totalling RM1.84 billion as of February 2018.

Read more >


Education March 08, 2018 

GE14 PTPTN Loan Pakatan's promise on PTPTN unrealistic, says fund chairman 

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) says that the Pakatan Harapan's (PH) manifesto to ease the burden of graduates was unrealistic and merely a populist move which will only lead to the increase of borrowers who will not repay their debts.  PTPTN will need to continue to rely on other financial measures to provide funds to finance new students. PH in its election manifesto pledged to postpone the study loan repayment for those earning below RM4,000 a month, as well as not blacklisting defaulters. Read more >


Education Oct 27, 2017 

PTPTN Loan PTPTN collects RM12.13b as of September

Since the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) started operations it has collected RM12.13 billion in loan repayments as of September this year. To date, he said PTPTN had given loans to more than two million students nationwide. Read more >


Education October 17, 2017 

PTPTN Loan Budget 2018: Additional flexibility for PTPTN loans 

The grace period for loan repayment is now extended to 12 months upon completion of study compared with six months currently. students from B40 households (earning below RM3,855) undergoing highly marketable courses, an additional RM200 million would be provided to increase the maximum loan amount. Read more >


Education August 24, 2017 

PTPTN Loan PTPTN collects RM2.43b in loan repayment as of June 

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) has collected RM2.43 billion or more than 60% in loan repayments as of June 2018.  The targeted loan repayment for 2017 was RM4 billion.  Read more >


Education July 17, 2017 

PTPTN Loan PTPTN borrowers just refuse to repay loan 

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh today disclosed that many National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) borrowers who are now earning a steady income chose not to repay their debts despite having the financial ability to do so.

He said a Bank Negara survey showed that some of the borrowers who refused to repay their PTPTN loans were actually able to settle their car and housing loans. Read more >


Education October 31, 2016 

PTPTN Loan More than RM5b in PTPTN loans remain unpaid by 753,058 former students 

PTPTN had collected only RM9.6 billion until Aug 31, 2016, when in actual fact the amount collected should have been RM18.311 billion.  Out of the remaining RM8.71, he said, RM5.191 billion was due to the 753,058 not repaying their loans while the RM3.518 billion is from current borrowers who did not repay. PTPTN had created several initiatives and suggestions to help debtors to repay back their loans. 

In Budget 2017, borrowers were offered discounts. For full settlement of outstanding debt, a 15% discount would be given, while a 10% discount would be given for payment of at least 50% of the outstanding debt. Borrowers repaying through salary deduction or direct debit would also receive a 10% discount. The above incentives are effective beginning Oct 22 till December 2017. Read more >

7. Taxation in the News

Income Tax  April 18, 2018 

Tax Evasion Inland Revenue Board: We'll object to all applications for judicial review

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB) will object to all applications for judicial review in cases against taxpayers. IRB is aware that there are now a lot of cases where taxpayers choose not to go to SCIT (Special Commissioners of Income Tax) but instead file a judicial review application to the High Court and at the same time try to get a stay order for the payment of tax. Read more >


Consumption Tax April 18, 2018 

GE14 GST Government will not raise GST rate, even after GE14 

The government has given an assurance that the country's Goods and Service Tax (GST) of six percent will not be raised, even after the 14th General Election (GE14). Read more >


Income Tax  March 18, 2018 

2018 Taxes Tax reduction to benefit about 260,000 tax-payers

About 260,000 tax-payers are expected to benefit from the reduction of the individual income tax rate by two percentage points announced at the 2018 budget. Read more >


Income Tax  August 21, 2017 

Tax Evasion IRB collects RM22b in penalties up to July 2017

Inland Revenue Board (IRB) has collected some RM22.329 billion in additional assessment and penalties from the beginning of 2015 up to July 2018. The board audited 1,576,709 individual and 138,203 corporate taxpayers in 2015, collecting RM9.844 billion in additional assessment and penalties. In 2016, it audited 1,742,801 individual and 161,760 corporate taxpayers and collected RM6.378 billion in additional assessment and penalties. Read more >

8. Social Security in the News

SOSCO April 23, 2018 

Healthcare Aid SOCSO spends over RM230 million on members dialysis treatment 

The Social Security Organisation (Socso) has spent more than RM230 million on members' dialysis treatment last year. Read more >


SOCSO April 04, 2018 

Unemployment EIS Penang registers RM111,111 in EIS payout since Jan 

A total of 185 individuals who were laid off by their employers in Penang have received interim benefit payments under the new Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) which was legislated from January, this year.The EIS which was passed by the Dewan Rakyat on Dec 17 is targeted to assist private sector workers who lose their jobs to get financial assistance and find new jobs.  Read more >


SOCSO March 08, 2018 

Unemployment EIS Socso disbursed RM800k to retrenched workers since Jan 2018 

The Social Security Organisation (Socso) has disbursed a total of RM802,800 to retrenched workers as an interim benefit since January. each retrenched worker would be paid RM600 for a period of three months. As of Feb 28, he said Socso has received some 2,471 applications for the EIS disbursement and it has approved 1,336 applications.  Read more >


SOCSO March 12, 2018 

Unemployment EIS  80% of salary for Socso contributors under EIS 

Retrenched workers stand to receive 80% of their last-drawn salary under the Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) for the first month from next year following the maturity of the EIS contribution, said Social Security Organisation (Socso) chairman Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat. "For example, let's say an individual who used to earn a salary of RM1,000 per month is retrenched. He will be entitled to receive RM800 for the first month under the scheme.

Read more >


SOCSO November 08 2017 

Disability Aid Socso raises pension rates 

The Social Security Organisation (Socso) today announced an increase of its pension rates under the Employment Injury Scheme and Invalidity Scheme beginning Sept 1 this year. A total of 328,056 recipients will receive the pension at a minimum rate of RM475," he told a press conference here today.

He said payment would be made to recipients of the Permanent Disablement Benefit, Dependents' Benefit, Invalidity Pension and Survivors' Pension. Read more >


SOCSO  October 25, 2017 

Disability Aid Socso will not be extended to cover over the 60s in age

The social security coverage will not be extended to workers aged above 60 as it would bring financial implications to the government. those above 60 who are still working can only make claims from Invalidity Scheme which covers medical, temporary and permanent disabilities, funeral, education, training and vocational programme as well as return-to-work programme.  Read more >


SOCSO October 12, 2017 

Disability Aid  Poor response on Social Security Scheme 

Conventional taxi drivers and online transport service providers such as Uber and GrabCar are requested to contribute to the Self Employment Social Security Scheme under the Social Security Organisation (Socso) to enable them to enjoy its benefits. The Self Employment Social Security Scheme, among others, provides benefits on medical, temporary disablement and permanent disablement; constant attendance allowance; dependents; funeral benefit; educational benefit; vocational and physical rehabilitation; and Return to Work programme. Read more >


SOCSO May 22, 2017 

Financial Aid RM70m more to Socso for EIS 

An allocation of RM70 million to the Social Security Organisation (Socso) for financial benefit payments under the Employment Insurance System (EIS) for the year 2018, in addition to the RM52 million allocated earlier to Socso under the 10th Malaysia Plan. Read more >

9. Employment in the News

Employment April 20, 2018 

GE14 1 million job opportunities through MyApprenticeship 

The MyApprenticeship programme will provide one million additional job opportunities for Malaysians, the Human Resource Ministry and the Finance Ministry would act as the facilitators.Read more >

10. Business Entrepreneurial in the News

Small Businesses April 21, 2018 

GE14 ETC in every district in Selangor if BN rules

Barisan Nasional (BN) promised to set up an Entrepreneur Transformation Centre (ETC) in every district in Selangor if given the mandate to form the state government in the 14th General Election (GE14).

Read more >

11. Transportation in the News

Toll April 12, 2018 

GE14 Motorcyclists exempted from toll on Penang Bridge if BN wins Penang
Motorcyclists using the Penang Bridge will be exempted from paying the toll if Barisan Nasional (BN) regains power in the state., Read more >

12. Community Development in the News

Community March 11, 2018 

Telecommunication Connecting the Unconnected programme benefits over 466,000 residents in rural, interior areas 

Over 466,000 people residing in rural and interior areas, including the Orang Asli, have benefitted from the implementation of 84 Negaraku: Connecting the Unconnected (CTU) programmes organised by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry so far.

Read more >

Community April 16, 2018 

GE14 Environment Pakatan manifesto on environmental protection more specific, say activists

In Pakatan's manifesto dubbed 'Buku Harapan', the coalition promises to govern the country based on principles of sustainability in line with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

Amongst the key promises include increasing renewable energy through renewable resources from the current 2% to 20% by 2025. Read more >

13. 2018 Budget in the News

2018 Budget March 19, 2018 

Govt seeks additional RM7b in supplementary supply bill
The Finance Ministry has tabled the Supplementary Supply (2017) Bill 2018, requesting over RM7bil to cover expenses. The allocation of funds to the respective ministries and agencies are as follows:-
Education Ministry - RM891.1 mil; Home Ministry - RM804.2 mil; Agriculture and Agro-Based industry - RM685.4 mil; Health Ministry - RM479 mil; Women, Family and Community Development Ministry - RM235 mil; Higher Education Ministry - RM425.4 mil; Foreign Affairs Ministry - RM155 mil; Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry - RM150 mil; Communications and Multimedia Ministry - RM24 mil; Human Resource Ministry - 16 mil
Statutory Funds - RM2.71
bil; Public Service Department - RM395.7 mil; Election Commission RM82.07 mil; The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - RM35 mil; Prime Minister's Department - RM23 mil and Parliament - RM10 mil. Read more >


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14. Fake News in the News

Fake news April 22, 2018 

Transportation RTD denies viral news on implementation of VEP

The Road Transport Department (RTD) today denied the viral news that the implementation of the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for foreign vehicles entering the country will take effect on May 1. The RTD in a statement today said the VEP was still at the testing and system validation stage to ensure stability and adequacy of the system before full enforcement could be implemented. The RTD also urged the public not to believe any claims by irresponsible parties and that any information pertaining to the enforcement of the VEP system can be obtained from ​Read more >


Fake News April 18, 2018

Expect more fake news during 'crazy' election season

The Anti-Fake News Act gazetted on April 11, 2018, carries a heavy penalty of a maximum jail sentence of six years and a maximum fine of RM500,000,  Read more >


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15. Election Manifestos in the News

Institutional Changes April 23, 2018 

GE14 Redelineation if Pakatan wins

Pakatan Hara­pan plans to initiate a redelineation exercise if it forms the government.
Read more at  
Read more >


General Benefits April 10, 2018 

GE14 Aid From income to marriage, JomBN lays the foundation for a greater generation
The youth manifesto, called Jaminan Orang Muda Barisan Nasional (JomBN), contains eight guarantees of the government's plan to improve the lives of the nation's youth, Promised initiatives include employment, improvement in income and skills and assistance to get married. Read more >

General Benefits April 16, 2018 

GE14 Johor to focus on core matters for future growth
Multiple programmes under five core thrust namely economic growth, provision of comprehensive infrastructure, development of the mind, talent and skills, high-performance leadership, and establishment of a sustainable, Islamic and cultured community for Johor. Read more >

Election Manifesto April 15, 2018 

GE14 Benefits 60 pledges for Penangites if BN wins
BN pledges 60 assistance programmes under the 6 core areas, namely to solve flood and hillslope development, people's housing, traffic congestion, economic development, people's welfare and tourism and heritage. Read more >