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Healthcare: School Health Services 

Healthcare screening and other services for school children

Posted on Feb 22, 2018 

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What is this programme about?  

School health service is a service provided by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MoH) to all school children in government and government-aided schools throughout Malaysia. School health services were first provided in this country in 1975. The MoH school health teams make scheduled visitations to primary and secondary schools in Malaysia.
Every year, approximately 1.8 million primary and secondary school children in Malaysia benefit from school health services. The services that are provided by the school health teams are categorised as:

I. School Health Service.
II. School Dental Service.
III. School Environmental Health Service.

I. School Health Service Activities

Under School Health Service activities, school children will receive preventative health services, health screening, treatment of mild cases and referral to a health centre or hospital. The aim of this service is to:

  • Maintain the health of school children at the most optimum level through health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and referral.

  • Detect of any health problems that can hinder academic achievement of school children and early referral to enable early intervention and placement of students in the special education system.

  • Encourage community involvement in making school a safe and healthy institution that will then enable effective learning.

A. Student Health Record Book

B. Health Education

C. School Health Immunisation

D. Medical Examination

E. Treatment and health referral

F. Home visits

What are MyBenefits?

Assistance: Free health screening and other healthcare services

Income Group: All primary and secondary school children

Target Group: Students of government and government-aided schools


Ministry: Ministry of Health (MOH)



Mailing address:

Level 7, Block E7, Parcel 7, Federal Government Administrative Center, 62518 Putrajaya. 

Telephone: 03-8883 3100/3105

Fax: 03-8883 4389/4364

A. Student Health Record Book
Student Health Record (RKM1) for school children is a document containing all the health information obtained during the schooling years. This book is a reference book that records the growth and development during schooling years. The book is provided free by the Ministry of Education for every Standard 1 student. Parents are required to complete the information of their child in the book and grant consent for health workers to provide health screenings and immunizations to their children.

D. Medical Examination

Medical Examination is also part of the activity during the school health visitation. Medical Examination is a physical examination conducted by a doctor, public health nurse and/or Assistant Medical Office.

Medical examination conducted includes:-


  • Height & Weight - To determine the nutritional status of school children.

  • Eye examination - Detecting refractive errors and a lazy eye that can interfere with academic achievement.

  • Hearing Screening - Detecting both mild and moderate hearing problems that can hinder academic achievement.

  • Examination of Heart & Lungs - Detecting congenital heart disease that was not identified during infancy. Cases that were identified will be referred for confirmation.

  • Skeletal Examination - Detecting skeletal defects that were not identified during infancy.

  • Personal Hygiene Examination - Detecting head lice infection, scabies, and other skin problems so that it will be treated.

  • Testicular examination - Detecting problems such as ‘hydrocele’ and ‘undescended testicle’ among boys.

  • Detection For Learning Disabilities - Receive referral from the teacher who has identified those school children that have problems with reading, writing, mathematics and reasoning. These school children will be referred to a specialist for confirmation and determining the appropriate learning placement for these school children.

B. Health Education

Health education is part of the school health services activities. This activity is divided into health education in groups and individual health education.
Health education in a group is carried out through health education campaign or health camp in the school. Students can acquire knowledge through exhibitions, lectures and demonstrations by health personnel. More often, health education in a group will prioritise public health problems associated with school children such as thalassemia screening, Anti-Smoking Campaign and Healthy Lifestyle.
Individual health education, on the other hand, is given as advice and counselling during the medical examination session. Common issues are those related to diet, skin diseases, and personal hygiene.

C. School Health Immunisation

As an extension to childhood immunization, school children will be given immunizations. The Immunisation Schedule for School Children Recommended by Ministry of Health
Standard 1

  • BCG (if no scar)

  • Diphtheria & Pertussis

  • Polio

  • Mumps, measles dan rubella

Form 3

  • Tetanus Toxoid

Parents are also allowed to bring their children to the nearest health centre to receive their vaccination, if their children did not receive the necessary immunisation, either because of no consent or absence from school at the time of the visit by school health team.

E. Treatment and health referral

Treatment will be given to all school children detected having minor health problems such as minor wounds, scabies, worm infections, head lice infection, treatment of fever and flu. The cases that need to be referred are those which require further medical examination for case confirmation. Among the health problems that need to be referred are visual acuity problem, colour blindness, heartbeat problem and suspected cases of scoliosis.

F. Home visits
The school health team will also conduct home visit during school holidays. Home visits are carried out either by making a call to the parents at home or visit by a nurse to the home. The objective was to follow-up on those students who have missed immunization at school to go to the nearest health centre for immunization, or to obtain feedback on the status of referral to the hospital.

II. School Dental Health Examination
School dental teams also visit all primary and secondary schools to provide dental care services.


III. Other health-related services at the school
Apart from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education is also responsible for the welfare of school children at the school. Supplementary Food Programme and School Milk Programme provided to eligible primary school children are available as health-related services that are included in this category.