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What is this programme about?  

Types of assistance offered:

  1. Full or partial financial assistance for costs of medical treatments that are not available at government hospitals

  2. Full or partial financial assistance for the cost of drugs that are not supplied by government hospitals but registered with the National Bureau of pharmaceuticals

  3. Full or partial financial assistance for the cost of purchasing medical and rehabilitation equipment that is not provided by government hospitals

What are MyBenefits?

Assistance: Medical financial aid for treatment, medication and medical devices not available at government hospitals

Income Group: Low income

Target Group: Underprivileged Malaysians and OKUs

Aid amount: the Full or partial cost of treatment, medication and medical devices



Ministry/Agency: Ministry of Health (MOH)

Division: Medical Assistance Fund Secretariat (TBP) Finance Division



Mailing address:

Level 7, Block E7, Parcel 7, Federal Government Administrative Center, 62518 Putrajaya. 

Telephone: 03-8883 3100/3105

Fax: 03-8883 4389/4364

Application form:


List of Hospitals: Contact Welfare Department of Hospitals

Who can apply? 

General Eligibility Criteria

  1. Malaysian citizen

  2. Resident in Malaysia

  3. Underprivileged with verification by the Officer of Medical Social Worker or Department of Social Welfare

  4. Patient referred to by a government hospital

  5. Disabled person(s) registered with the Department of Social Welfare


Patients who are not eligible to apply

Government employees or government retirees or family members of Government employees who receive medical benefits under the Service Circular No. 4 of 2001, Medical Facilities Implementation (PSD)

Other Conditions to Apply for Financial Aid

  • Financial aid is only considered before the treatment or purchase is made. Applications after obtaining the treatment will not be considered 

  • For treatment obtained locally only

  • The treatment must comply with guidelines issued by the Malaysian Medical Council

  • Assistance to be considered is only for medical assistance (other types of assistance such as subsistence and transportation will not be considered)

  • The patient or family of the patient needs to make some contribution to cover part of the treatment cost.

Medical procedures and treatments that do not qualify for financial assistance

  • Assistance for the purposes below is not considered:

  • Payment of laboratory and diagnostic tests; 

  • Treatment for infertility; 

  • The new and unproven treatment methods that are effective; 

  • Treatment for plastic surgery for the purpose of improving or restoring functionality will be considered but assistance for aesthetic surgery is not considered; and

  • Continuous treatment of which part of the cost of treatment is being funded by other bodies. 

Period of Assistance for Continuous Treatment

In the event of continuous treatment is required, assistance will be considered only for a maximum of two years. Upon expiration, if the patient still needs treatment, a new application needs to be made. 

MyBenefits to Basic Living Essential - Healthcare

Financial Aid: Ministry of Health (MOH) Medical Relief Fund (Tabung Bantuan Perubatan) 

Healthcare Financial Assistance for Medical Fees

Posted on Feb 22, 2018 

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