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Home FinancingMyDeposit Scheme  

One-off grant to pay 10% down payment for the first home purchase  
Last updated: November 19, 2017  
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What is this programme about?  

The MyDeposit scheme is a government initiative to provide a one-off grant to first-time house buyers who are unable to raise the 10% down payment for their intended purchase.  This scheme provides financial assistance of up to RM50,000 for applicants to meet the required 10% deposit. The programme aims to help the lower and middle-income groups, with a household income of RM10,000 and below, to purchase their first home. 

Who can apply? 

General Eligibility Criteria

(Contact ministry/agency for all other requirements, if any)

The Applicant

  1. Malaysian citizen.

  2. Resident in Malaysia

  3. 21 years old and above (No maximum age)

  4. Income group - gross household income between RM3,000 to RM10,000

  5. First-time home buyer within one household family

  6. Eligible for a bank loan from any bank in Malaysia (creditworthy, not blacklisted, or bankrupt)

The Property

  1. Property purchase price in the range of RM80,000 to RM500,000 

  2. New development project or any completed property (sub-sale)

  3. Private property development that does not receive government subsidy incentive.



  1. Deposit will be pay to Sale and Purchase developer’s account or Lawyer 

  2. The successful applicant will receive an approval letter from KPKT with a condition that the Sale And Purchase Agreement is required to be signed within 30 days.

  3. Properties bought with MyDeposit scheme cannot be sold for 10 years from the date of the Sales & Purchase Agreement. This clause will be added to the Sales & Purchase Agreement.

  4. Only applicable to private residential properties development that does not receive subsidy/incentive or Government funds.

What are myBenefits? 

Assistance: Subsidy of up to RM50,000 for 10% deposit payment for house purchase
Income Group: RM3,000 to RM10,000
Target Group: Lower Middle Income Households



Ministry/Agency: Jabatan Perumahan Negara under the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government


Mailing address  :

Aras 30-38, No 51, Persiaran Perdana,  Precinct 4,Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62100 Putrajaya
Telephone: 3-8000 8000

Online registration:



Property Price: RM80,000 to RM500,000

Subsidy: 10% of property purchase price

Restriction: The property cannot be sold for 10 years

How to apply? 
Application process

(Contact ministry/agency to find out the procedures and processes)

What documents do I need for application?

The general requirement of documents needed for the application

(Contact ministry/agency for all other requirements, if any)

  1. A copy of your identity card

  2. A copy of your spouse’s identity card

  3. A copy of your child(ren) or dependent(s) identity card or birth certificate

  4. A copy of your marriage certificate/divorce certificate/death certificate

  5. The latest salary slip

  6. The spouse’s latest salary slip

  7. Copy of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) statement or income tax statement

  8. The spouse’s Employees Provident Fund (EPF) statement or  income tax statement

  9. Statutory declaration of your and your spouse’s total business income that is verified by the Commissioner of Oaths

  10. Employment confirmation letter from your employer stating your employment/service status, marital status, monthly salary and duration of service.

  11.  stating your employment/service status, marital status, monthly salary and duration of service.Employment confirmation letter from your spouse’s employer

  12. Disability confirmation letter for you, spouse or dependent (if relevant).


What documents do I need for disbursement?

  1. Offer Letter issued by the National Housing Department.

  2. A complete and signed Letter of Acceptance of Offer

  3. A complete and signed Statutory declaration

  4. Sales & Purchase Agreement

  5. An acknowledged Letter of Offer for your housing loan

  6. Banking account details of the Housing Developer Account or the account of the buyer’s sales & purchase law firm