Budget 2019 (November 02, 2018)

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The first PH Government Budget will be announced on Friday, November 02, 2018. In the runup to the 2019 Budget, the government has indicated the priority spending areas and budget cutbacks to fit the country's current financial standing.  The rakyat has also voiced their wishlist.  Follow the daily aggregated media reports. >


Budget 2019 by the | Malaymail |

  • Despite less 'goodies' for Penang, CM says state will still apply for an allocation from Putrajaya |Read more >|

  • Perak group wants more federal aid to Chinese primary schools |Read more >|

  • Kuching MP: Budget 2019 shows govt’s clear intention to address failures of previous administration |Read more >|

  • Mukhriz: SBEZ capable of generating revenue within a short time |Read more >|

  • First home sales still exempt from property tax, minister clarifies |Read more >|

  • Why mammoth Budget? Guan Eng says must pay tax refunds |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: Here’s what you need to know |Read more >|

  • Sorry, T20 Malaysians, but you’re not getting that fuel subsidy |Read more >|

  • Dr M says Budget 2019 no ‘copy-paste’ job, as claimed by Umno reps |Read more >|

  • Economists: Budget 2019 good first effort, but challenges ahead |Read more >|

  • Sabah trade reps laud RM150m to standardise prices, but still want cabotage to go |Read more >|

  • Can tax amnesty rake in billions for Putrajaya? Possible, say, experts |Read more > |

  • Dr M says the highest budget for education because the future generation needs to ‘learn more’ |Read more >|

  • Problem is affordability, not financing options, HBA tells Pakatan |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019 will spur FDI, says InvestKL CEO |Read more >|

  • STAR: Sarawak should get part of Petronas dividend |Read more >|

  • Remove excessive non-tariff barriers in free zones, govt urged |Read more >|

  • Dr M says highest budget for education because the future generation needs to ‘learn more’ |Read more >|

  • MEF unhappy with ‘flip-flop’ increase in mininum wage |Read more >|

  • Attacking Pakatan’s Budget, Najib claims 1MDB still full of unlocked value |Read more >|

  • Finance Minister: To prevent abuse, cards may be issued for RON95 subsidies |Read more >|

  • Azmin warns ministries against funds mismanagement |

  • Budget 2019 is a good first step for Pakatan, says NGOs |Read more >|

  • TalentCorp: Budget 2019 timely, addresses the needs of workforce |Read more >|

  • Motorcyclists welcome toll abolishment in Second Link, despite small savings |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019 balance of discipline and growth, say groups |Read more >|

  • Where’s the love for Sarawak in Budget 2019? SUPP asks |Read more >|

  • Sabah CM grateful for increased budget allocation |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019 left out M40 and senior citizens, says Penang Gerakan|Read more >|

  • Dr M: Budget 2019 has measures to soften impact of deficit |Read more >|

  • Dr M: Tabung Harapan to be used to settle financial woes |Read more >|

  • Dr M: Petronas can afford RM30b dividend |Read more >|

  • Intracity tolls frozen, Penang and Singapore bridges free for bikes |Read more >|

  • Putrajaya ups 20pc more budget for MACC |Read more >|

  • Household electricity bill subsidy increased |

  •  RM1b special payment for civil servants, retirees by year’s end |Read more >|

  • RM1.2b allocation for Islamic development |

  • RM100m for Olympics prep, RM10m for e-sports |Read more >|

  • Over RM60b for education |

  • RM1b aid, duty stamp exemption for first-time house buyers |Read more >|

  • Unlimited train, bus passes next year |

  • Smokers, take note: No lighting up in restaurants come Jan 1 next year |Read more >|

  • Civil servants get unrecorded religious leave |

  • ‘Bungalows how?’ BN taunts Guan Eng during the announcement on IRB probing excessive wealth |Read more >|

  • Minister: Credit system for sales tax deductions to be introduced |Read more >|

  • Putrajaya slaps another 5pc property tax on all|Read more >|

  • Companies hiring ex-convicts, senior citizens to enjoy tax cut |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: RM5b allocation, targeted assistance for B40 households |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: Casino, slot machine taxes going up |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: Now, everybody must pay departure tax |Read more >|

  • Tax on Netflix, Spotify starting Jan 2020 |Read more >|

  • Malaysia Inc Policy to ‘make comeback’ |

  • Economic Outlook 2019: Reform of pension system needed to cope with ageing population |Read more >|

  • Wages increment promotes economic growth, says Putrajaya |Read more >|

  • Reintroduction of SST lowers business administration cost, says ministry |Read more >|



Budget 2019 by the | NST |

  • Govt to set up Real Estate Investment Trust|Read more >|

  • Govt has not ignored East Coast states, says DPM |Read more >|

  • Terengganu hopes 2019 Budget allocation not wasted  |Read more >|

  • Sarawak told not to be misled by comments that state was sidelined in the national budget |Read more >|

  • CM: Penang did not get many goodies in Budget as developed state |Read more >|

  • Motorists may be given fleet card |

  • HBA slams move to revise rate on RPGT |Read more >|

  • Govt will defend 2019 Budget from criticism, says PM |Read more >|

  • Sabah interior folk keen to know how RM5bil will be distributed |Read more >|

  • Education Ministry gets in high gear to utilise its 2019 Budget allocation |Read more >|

  • DPM: Budget 2019 is for the people  |Read more >|

  • RM1 billion allocation not just for sports - Syed Saddiq  |Read more >|

  • Opposition can say what they want, says Dr M on budget claim |Read more >|

  • Vehicles must meet criteria for fuel subsidy - Saifuddin |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: 'Channel portion of Sabah allocation to environmental conservation' |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget carefully crafted to balance fiscal discipline, growth - banks |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Sabah allocation generous, but planning needed, says minister |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Allocation for childcare facilities a boost to female civil servants |Read more >|

  • Voluntary disclosure programme open from Nov 3 to June 30 next year: IRB |Read more >|

  • Mindef to utilise 2019 Budget allocation prudently – Mat Sabu |Read more >|

  • Klang MP welcomes RM100 million allocation under PEKA |Read more >|

  • NGOs that help poor, neglected welcome govt's RM10m budget allocation |Read more >|

  • RM50m for TVET will help produce more high-skilled grads |Read more >|

  • Maintenance fund to empower schools with financial resources |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget proof of govt aim to empower Bumiputera education |Read more >|

  • Dr M: 2019 Budget covered all sectors in great detail |Read more >|

  • RapidKL rail and bus commuters welcome RM100 monthly travel pass |Read more >|

  • PTPTN says measures will help resolve the problems inherited from previous government |Read more >|

  • Key highlights of 2019 Budget |

  • MTUC: RM1,100 minimum wage disappointing |

  • Opposition says 2019 Budget falls short in tackling joblessness |Read more >|

  • OCM chief welcomes RM100m boost from Budget 2019 |Read more >|

  • Motorcyclists happy over abolishing of toll on Penang bridges |Read more >|

  • RM1billion National Fibre Connectivity Plan to be launched next year |Read more >|

  • Transport Ministry hails allocation under 2019 Budget |Read more >|

  • Budget reflects govt's sincerity to boost economy amid debt concern: Negri Sembilan exco |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Tourism tax revenue to be shared with state government |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Anthony Loke happy more focus given to Transport Ministry |Read more >|

  • RM20m for women's healthcare can benefit B40 group, say experts |Read more >|

  • Govt urged to monitor crowdfunding platforms for first-time home buyers |Read more >|

  • Measures under Budget to preserve environment will protect nation's rich biodiversity |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Cuepacs happy with special RM500 payment, other incentives |Read more >|

  • Duty-free status for Pangkor Island set to boost state tourism industry |Read more >|

  • Beefing up enforcement against cigarette smuggling lauded |Read more >|

  • RM1b for digital economy development plan - Lim |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: A step forward towards recognising women's contribution |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: CM welcomes abolishment of tolls for motorcycle lanes on Penang's two bridges |Read more >|

  • Tax relief, repayment schedule for borrowers to help keep PTPTN sustainable |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Incentive for companies to make environmentally-friendly plastic |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Pangkor to be made duty free island |Read more >|

  • Tax exemptions for firms that help workers repay PTPTN loans |Read more >|

  • Services imported into the country to be taxed |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: RM1 billion help for first-time house buyers |Read more >|

  • Petrol subsidies remain for owners of 1.5L cars and 125cc bikes |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Education gets the biggest allocation |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: RM60.2bil to be spent on education |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: RM50m allocated to treat rare diseases, Hepatitis C |Read more >|

  • RM150m to stabilise supply, standardise prices of goods |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Debt management office to be setup |Read more >|

  • 40 sen per litre excise duty on packaged sugary drinks |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Minimum wage to be streamlined nationwide |Read more >|

  • Govt not paying remaining US$4.32 billion owed to IPIC and Aabar |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: IRB to probe 'extraordinary wealth' |Read more >|

  • Hobbled by debt, M'sia to cut public investment as growth seen slowing |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Fiscal Responsibility Act to be tabled in 2021 |Read more >|



Budget 2019 by the | BorneoPost |

  • Slashed budget for state agriculture an unexpected setback – Junz |Read more >|

  • Channel budget allocation through Sabah Ministry of Finance, urges Tangau |Read more >|

  • Budget will expand economic growth – Shareda |Read more >|

  • Budget did not deliver new hope – Jainab |Read more >|

  • Let Sabah have 5% of RM30 bln |Read more >|

  • A populist budget – Hajiji |

  • Sabah Employers Association ‘shocked’ by RM1,100 minimum wage |Read more >|

  • Dayak and S’wak sidelined again under Budget 2019 |Read more >|

  • ‘Consider petrol subsidy up to 2,000cc for rural folk’ |Read more >|

  • Abang Johari sees Budget 2019 as ‘disappointing’ |Read more >|

  • ‘Sarawak deserves bigger allocation from federal government’ |Read more >|

  • Dr Sim: Sarawak a missing chapter in PH’s Budget |Read more >|

  • GPS reps liken Budget 2019 to a copy-paste of BN’s |Read more >|

  • Rural development not addressed, says Abdullah |

  • Nothing for the survey of NCR land, says Uggah |Read more >|

  • People friendly budget |

  • Budget 2019 set to facilitate first-time homebuyers — Voon|Read more >|





Budget 2019 (November 02, 2018) | In the News Snippets 

The first PH Government Budget will be announced on Friday, November 02, 2018. In the runup to the 2019 Budget, the government has indicated the priority spending areas and budget cutbacks to fit the country's current financial standing.  The rakyat has also voiced their wishlist.  Follow the daily aggregated media reports. Click to read > |


Nov 01, 2018 

Shafie hopes Budget 2019 prioritises development in Sabah

Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal (pix) is hopeful that despite the current financial crunch, Budget 2019 would prioritise several development projects in the state.|Read more >|SunDaily


Penang exco hopes Budget will bring cheaper houses, easier loans

A Penang official stated his expectations for Budget 2019 to contain policies towards more affordable homes and accessible loans.|Read more >|Malaymail


Budget 2019: Does Johor want to be like KL?

Johor has been touted as one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing states, but many Johoreans feel that the so-called economic powerhouse still lacks the job opportunities found in Kuala Lumpur or even in Singapore. |Read more >|Malaymail


Zeti: Budget 2019 will benefit most Malaysians

The much anticipated 2019 Budget, to be tabled on Friday, is expected to be both inclusive and benefit the majority of Malaysians, said former Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz. |Read more >|Malaymail


Perak aiming for higher allocation under 2019 Budget

Perak is hoping for a higher allocation to carry out various development projects, especially those related to its infrastructure and also agriculture in 2019 Budget.
|Read more >|NST


New tax in 2019 Budget will not burden the people

The new tax, which will be announced in the 2019 Budget tomorrow, will not be a burden to the people, according to Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Amiruddin Hamzah.|Read more >|SunDaily





Budget 2019 (November 02, 2018) | In the News Snippets 

The first PH Government Budget will be announced on Friday, November 02, 2018. In the runup to the 2019 Budget, the government has indicated the priority spending areas and budget cutbacks to fit the country's current financial standing.  The rakyat has also voiced their wishlist.  Follow the daily aggregated media reports. Click to read > |


Budget 2019 


The 2019 Budget Speech Text can be downloaded from the Official 2019 Budget Website on 2 November 2018 following the Budget Speech by YB Finance Minister. |Read more >|



The 2019 Alternative Budget by Barisan's Shadow Cabinet. |Read more >|


Budget 2019 by the | SunDaily |

  • Encouraging allocation for MOA|

  • RM100m allocation for the empowerment of Orang Asli education: Waytha Moorthy|Read more >|

  • Duty-free status can unlock Pangkor's true potential: Perak MB |Read more >|

  • RM100 million allocations to rescue Indian families from poverty: Waytha Moorthy |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019 not very detailed: Abang Johari |Read more >|

  • Education Ministry forms a special committee to implement initiatives outlined in Budget 2019 |Read more >|

  • World Bank welcomes comprehensiveness of 2019 Budget |Read more >|

  • Tightening measures for corporates in the 2019 budget: PwC |Read more >|

  • Right tonic to stimulate stagnant property market, says Fiabci |Read more >|

  • Industry lauds digital economy measures in 2019 budget |Read more >|

  • RM1b allocation not just for sports: Syed Saddiq |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019 for well-being of all people: DPM |Read more >|

  • KTMB hopes savings from KVDT for use to improve intercity train service |Read more >|

  • Budget focus of Human Resources Ministry on TVET |Read more >|

  • Lower house price gives new hope for bumiputra contractors |Read more > |

  • Budget 2019: RM1.2 billion allocation proves PH does not neglect Islamic activities, says Mujahid |Read more >|

  • Allocation for Health Ministry will strengthen services delivery to all: DG |Read more >|

  • EPF describes 2019 Budget as inclusive for social well-being |Read more >|

  • Almost a million public transport users to benefit from monthly passes: Prasarana |Read more >|

  • Real test lies in execution, says Allianz M’sia CEO |Read more >|

  • 'Foreign digital services tax ensures level playing field' |Read more >|

  • Education Ministry should distribute RM60.2 billion allocation accordingly: NUTP |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019 focuses house ownership for B40 group: Zuraida |Read more >|

  • Former convicts welcome tax cuts for employers who hire them |Read more >|

  • Mahathir refutes claim Budget 2019 a 'copy-paste' budget |Read more >|

  • Saifuddin: Fuel subsidy will take other factors into account as well |Read more >|

  • Najib: Abolishing GST is the cause of govt deficit, not 1MDB |Read more >|

  • Pakatan confound expectations with bigger budget |

  • Zero-based budgeting to avoid reckless mega spending, mega debts |Read more >|

  • BNM explains RM1b fund for affordable homes |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget underwhelming, lacks goodies, claim BN leaders |Read more >|

  • Tourism tax revenue to be shared with state government: Lim |Read more >|

  • Asli, Stanchart agree 2019 budget is pragmatic and people-oriented |Read more >|

  • RM7.4b Samurai bonds to 'retire' loans from the previous govt: Tun M|Read more >|

  • Pan Borneo Highway project to go on |Read more >|

  • MACC to get RM286m as operation cost |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget allocates over RM5b to drive Industry 4.0 |Read more >|

  • Rm1 billion fund for first house purchase: Lim |Read more >|

  • Govt to reduce equity ownership in non-strategic companies to reduce debt|Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: Up to 15% salary cut for PTPTN repayment |Read more >|

  • Household electricity bill subsidy increased to RM40 and below: Lim |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: Taxes on streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix |Read more >|

  • Special payment of RM500 for civil servants in grade 54 and below, RM250 for pensioners |Read more >|

  • Govt to launch Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme for taxpayers |Read more >|

  • 2019 Budget: Taxing it right, for a solid future |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: RM150m to stabilise supply, standardise prices of goods |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: Freeze on intercity toll hike |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: Minimum wage up to RM1,100 |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: 5% real property tax on Malaysians |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: New levy for those flying abroad |Read more >|

  • Govt will do everything it can to recover all missing funds stolen from 1MDB |Read more >|

  • Budget 2019: Cost of Living Aid to continue next year |Read more >|

  • Govt committed to restoring sound public finance |Read more >|

  • Improving policies, public institutions to gain people's trust |Read more >|

  • Jobless youths more than three times national unemployment rate |Read more >|

  • Government revenue expected to go up to RM261.81 billion in 2019 |Read more >|

  • Malaysia's GDP to grow 4.9% in 2019 |Read more >|

  • High share of senior citizens a challenge for Malaysia |Read more >|

  • Government recognise the need to enhance fiscal risk management |Read more >|

  • Malaysia’s fiscal deficit to widen to 3.7% for 2018, 3.4% for 2019 |Read more >|

  • Govt to receive RM30b special dividend from Petronas for Budget 2019 |Read more >|



Budget 2019 by the | TheStar |

  • Business groups give new Budget the thumbs up|Read more >|

  • Multi-tier levy system will push up costs, say employers|Read more >|

  • RM100mil allocation for the empowerment of orang asli education, says Waytha Moorthy|Read more >|

  • Tax incentive for hiring senior citizens and ex-convicts hailed |Read more >|

  • ‘Give us time to iron out the mechanism’|Read more >|

  • Financial aid a blessing for poor families |Read more >|

  • Good news for 6.6 million road users|

  • NGO wants details on protecting forest reserves |Read more >|

  • Struggling OKU in Sarawak hoping for free federal health insurance|Read more >|

  • Bukit Aman gives the thumbs-up to budget allocation|Read more >|

  • We feel short-changed, says Jeffrey Kitingan |

  • Fuel subsidy: Govt to study mechanism to ensure it’s not abused|