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Budget 2020

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Budget 2020 News from Around: Snippets and Links

The complete coverage of Malaysia's Federal Government's budget for the year 2020. Find out how much the Malaysian government is going to spend in the coming year.  


aNewMalaysia in the news is the assemblage of news snippets aggregated and sourced from multiple local mainstream media publications. Get the complete news coverage. Sources

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In the News Snippets & Links 

Budget 2020 | NST Oct 132019

  • 2020 Budget: One hospital, 20 health clinics to be built|Read more >|NST

  • Budget for free breakfast plan should be used to repair schools, says Sabah NGO|Read more >|NST

  • Agong: Address limited job opportunities for graduates|Read more >|NST

  • Budget 2020: Paving the way forward for women|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 budget: Employees have right to take 90-day maternity leave|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 budget: Construction sector remains economic driving force, says CIDB|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 budget: Budget's progress should be monitored continually, says Mustapa|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 budget: Budget 2020 will reduce income gap - MIDF|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 budget: Budget well thought out, says Khazanah|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 budget: Proposal to allow EPF withdrawals for fertility treatments lauded|Read more >|NST

  • RM50 rise in Cola allowance will ease burden of civil servants, says Cuepacs|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 budget: EPF happy Budget 2020 addresses its concerns|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: 'Sarawak needs more funds to boost rural water, power supply'|Read more >|NST

  • Dr M: Higher allocations show country's financial position is strong|Read more >|NST

  • BSH will raise govt debt, say experts|Read more >|NST

  • Socso lauds govt's focus on workers' welfare|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: 'Government committed to preserving natural resources'|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: 'Built on institutional reforms'|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Funds to fix Sabah schools insufficient, but appreciated|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM15 million for orang utan rehabilitation lauded|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Sabah leaders voice mixed reactions to state allocation|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Home Ministry allocation raised to RM16.9 billion|Read more >|NST

  • NGOs say govt's 'women friendly' incentives timely|Read more >|NST

  • 'Yes, GST will increase prices' |Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: 'e-Sports allocation should be used on SEA Games athletes, ruling' |Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Mixed reaction to biodiversity allocation|Read more >|NST

  • RM60 million to kickstart pneumococcal vaccination for children|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Government plans to spend RM450m on electric buses|Read more >|NST

  • Pikom welcomes Budget incentives, calls for setting up of Tech Ministry|Read more >|NST

  • 'What about your promise to abolish the Penang Bridge toll?'|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Artiste groups give thumbs up on increased EPF protection|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM48mil to preserve forests, natural biodiversity|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Empowering Bumiputera institutions, entrepreneurs|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Extra goodies for civil servants |Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM10b allocation for rent-to-own financing scheme|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM100m to repair and refurbish low, medium-cost high-rise residential schemes|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: New tax band proposed for high-income earners|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: More opportunities for Grade 1 Bumi contractors|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Minimum penalty of RM100,000 proposed for illegal gamblers|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: From 2021, Malaysians will be assigned Tax Identification Numbers|Read more >|NST

  • Second Penang Bridge toll rate for cars reduced by RM1.50|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: More funds for rice farmers, cash crops to supplement income|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM85 million to ease congestion at Causeway|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Improved loan scheme to help SMEs|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM2.2 billion for targeted fuel subsidy scheme|Read more >|NST

  • Education Ministry largest 2020 Budget recipient with RM64.1b |Read more >|NST

  • Finance Ministry: Productivity-linked wage system to benefit employers, employees|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Gov't will honour loan commitments inherited from previous administration|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Soft loans for oil palm replanting incentives|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: More tax relief for parents utilising childcare services|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM70 million for Digital Enhancement Centres nationwide |Read more >|NST

  • BSH scheme to include single Malaysians above 40 earning under RM2,000 monthly|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM575 million for socio-economic aid programmes|Read more >|NST

  • Services sector to expand 6.2 per cent next year, says Finance Ministry|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM30 for each eligible Malaysian to spur e-wallet use|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: Govt allocates RM783m to repair dilapidated schools|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: RM21.6 billion allocation for high speed nationwide connectivity|Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: #MalaysiaKerja initiative to provide jobs for youth, women |Read more >|NST

  • 2020 Budget: 5G Ecosystem Development grant to encourage technological innovation|Read more >|NST

  • Finance Ministry: Overall gross exports to expand 1 per cent in 2020|Read more >|NST

  • Finance Ministry: Economic growth to remain steady in 2019, 2020|Read more >|NST

  • Finance Ministry: Govt to raise gross borrowings of RM135.2 billion in 2019|Read more >|NST

  • Finance Ministry: Inflation likely to expand 2 pct next year|Read more >|NST

  • Guan Eng: Policy flexibility vital to ensure domestic growth|Read more >|NST

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In the News Snippets & Links 

Budget 2020 | NST Oct 122019

  • 2020 Budget: Incentives aplenty for homebuyers |Read more >|NST

  • Fishermen welcome increase in allowance but say major issues remain |Read more >|NST

  • Mixed reactions over budget allocation for Sabah and Sarawak |Read more >|NST

  • Well-thought out budget that tackles unemployment, says MYC|Read more >|NST

  • Mat Sabu, Muhyiddin pleased with budget allocation|Read more >|NST

  • NCIA says allocation will spur growth in northern region|Read more >|NST

  • 'No more subsidies for developers who can't sell'|Read more >|NST

  • 'With big budget comes big responsibility'|Read more >|NST

  • Synergy among ministries needed for urban poor|Read more >|NST

  • Govt to intensify human capital development efforts|Read more >|NS

  • Shortage of labour among challenges facing oil palm subsector|Read more >|NST

  • October 11, 2019 @ 5:55pm

  • Govt to maintain accommodative monetary policy to support growth|Read more >|NST

  • Govt allocates RM297 billion for Budget 2020|Read more >|NST

  • Special select committee on budget outlines 8 recommendations|Read more >|NST

  • Dr M: Institutional reforms launch pad for more sustainable, equitable economic growth|Read more >|NST

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In the News Snippets & Links 

Budget 2020 | Malaymail Oct 122019

  • So, what was Budget 2020 all about?|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Manufacturers feel Malaysia more competitive if corporate tax cut in Budget 2020|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Cost of Living Allowance increase helps ease burden of civil servants, says Cuepacs|Read more >|Malaymail

  • EPF looks forward to proper resolution on reduction of PLUS highway toll charges|Read more >|Malaymail

  • SUPP claims Sarawak Pakatan didn’t fight enough for state in Budget 2020|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Negri Sembilan MB: Budget 2020 comprehensive, designed for the well-being of the people|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Specific guidelines needed for relaxation in foreign property ownership, says PwC|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Relief for NSC as football development programme gets huge budget allocation for 2020|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Azmin: Budget 2020 first step towards achieving SPV2030|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: PM says many people happy, ‘almost everybody got something|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Real estate federation cautions Putrajaya on lowering threshold for foreign buyers|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Gobind: Budget 2020 helps country realise digital transformation agenda|Read more >|Malaymail

  • MTUC: Budget 2020 failed to address widening income gap|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Education Ministry thankful for highest Budget 2020 allocation at RM64.1b|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Women@work initiative will help fill vacancies of foreign workers, says MEF exec director|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Grab: Govt’s initiative to spur e-wallet use will help SMEs

  • |Read more >|Malaymail

  • Johor’s Iskandar Investment welcomes Budget 2020 initiatives for digital applications|Read more >|Malaymail

  • World Bank lead economist welcomes Budget 2020’s digital adoptions|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Digital economy investment positive sign for IR4.0, says analyst|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Where are the details on RTS project? ask Johor groups|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Dr M: The rich can’t take advantage of new targeted fuel subsidy scheme|Read more >|Malaymail

  • RM15.9b GST refunds repaid to 78,000 companies as of September this year|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Dr M: Foreigners can help resolve Malaysia’s property overhang|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Matta confident Budget 2020 allocation will help boost Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: GPS says ‘nice to hear’, claims Pakatan manifesto remains unfulfilled|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Penang sidelined in Budget 2020, says state Opposition leaders|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020 not innovative, claim BN MPs|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Rights group welcomes Budget announcement for women’s employment and welfare development|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Dr M confident of Malaysia’s credit rating despite second Samurai Bond issuance|Read more >|Malaymail

  • CIMB lauds govt’s initiative to focus on cashless agenda in Budget 2020|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Sabah govt welcomes increase in allocation|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020 allocation for Sarawak the biggest so far, says state Pakatan chief|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020 focus to benefit Penang, says chief minister

  • |Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: National House Buyers Association says disagrees with govt’s home ownership campaign|Read more >|Malaymail

  • UTM instructed to look into varsity student’s complaint over exorbitant fees, says minister|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Malaysians@Work initiative to reduce unemployment rate|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Purchasing of homes easier with rent-to-own scheme|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Health NGO lauds government as allocation for health makes up 10pc of Budget 2020|Read more >|Malaymail

  • Putrajaya to service RM2.7b debt repayments for 1MDB, SRC International in 2020|Read more >|Malaymail

  • RM100m cable car allocation will spur Penang’s tourism sector, says Penang Hill Corporation|Read more |Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: RM8b for Bumi development, up by RM400m|Read more |Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Public service sector’s remuneration package upgraded|Read more|Malaymail

  • Putrajaya raises tax for the rich, those earning RM2m to pay 30pc now|Read more |Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Targeted fuel subsidy programme to be rolled out in January|Read more |Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Putrajaya raises minimum wage to RM1,200 for urban workers, maternity leave up|Read more |Malaymail

  • Education Ministry gets an increase of RM3.9b in Budget 2020 allocation|Read more |Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Government to reduce highway tolls, improve public transportation and roads|Read more|Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Health Ministry gets RM60m for pneumococcal vaccination for all children|Read more |Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Putrajaya predicts salaries to go up next year|Read more |Malaymail

  • Budget 2020: Putrajaya allocates RM671m for sports, youth development|Read more |Malaymail

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In the News Snippets & Links 

Budget 2020 | Malaymail Oct 132019

Malaysia’s 2020 deficit at 3.2pc? So what? Three economists weigh in |Read more |Malaymail

Johor Pakatan lauds state’s allocation in Budget 2020|Read more |Malaymail

Financial aid for Chinese, Indian entrepreneurs reflects fairness, says analyst |Read more|Malaymail

Economic Affairs Ministry approves RM1.79m for school upgrading works |Read more|Malaymail

Azmin: Budget 2020 initiatives can only be realised with people’s support |Read more|Malaymail

Ministry to gather data on M40 recipients of petrol subsidy |Read more|Malaymail

DPM: i-Suri being studied for mandatory move |Read more|Malaymail

Foreign Ministry to use Budget 2020 allocation to empower diplomats|Read more|Malaymail

Why still unhappy with Pakatan Budget when BN gave you less? Guan Eng asks Sarawak|Read more|Malaymail

Minister: 2020 Budget able to promote additional income for farmers, fishermen|Read more|Malaymail

Job future, retirement brighter with Malaysians@Work initiative, says EPF|Read more|Malaymail

2020 Budget opens up new investment opportunities, says JPDC|Read more|Malaymail

Price cut a bold first step to sell more high-end homes, says Knight Frank Malaysia|Read more|Malaymail

2020 Budget will restore people’s confidence in govt, says Husam|Read more|Malaymail

How will Malaysians@Work work? Finance minister pleads for time|Read more|Malaymail

Budget 2020 will reduce income gap, says MIDF|Read more|Malaymail

Up to Putrajaya to extend fuel subsidy programme to Sarawak, says CM|Read more|Malaymail

Khazanah welcomes Budget 2020’s various initiatives and policies|Read more|Malaymail

Accountants laud Budget move to boost Malaysia as Islamic finance hub|Read more|Malaymail

Budget 2020's focus on digital transformation highlights need for stronger online security, says expert|Read more|Malaymail

Budget 2020 addresses some pressing issues facing nation, says Khazanah|Read more|Malaymail

Budget 2020: Group lauds govt’s efforts in restoring trust, confidence in marketplace|Read more|Malaymail

PAS pans Budget 2020 as ho-hum, doesn’t stimulate economy|Read more|Malaymail

Manufacturers feel Malaysia more competitive if corporate tax cut in Budget 2020|Read more|Malaymail

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In the News Snippets & Links 

Budget 2020 | TheStar Oct 122019

Budget 2020 Interactive Visuals >

Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) cash aid calculator >


  • How the budget affects listed firms|Read more >|TheStar

  • Allowance for firefighters ‘best news for the year’ |Read more >|TheStar

  • Tourism players happy with allocation |Read more >|TheStar

  • Agricultural sector to receive slightly higher  allocation |Read more >|TheStar

  • mySalam to cover middle class |Read more >|TheStar

  • Magpie: Make sure funds are properly channelled |Read more >|TheStar

  • Ministry happy with allocation |Read more >|TheStar

  • SMEs get the much-needed boost |Read more >|TheStar

  • Fuel subsidy programme to begin in January |Read more >|TheStar

  • Chinese groups laud measures |Read more >|TheStar

  • E-wallet users to get RM30 |Read more >|TheStar

  • Dr Wee: Where is the matching grant for TAR UC? |Read more >|TheStar

  • Shot in the arm for nation’s security |Read more >|TheStar

  • Melaka folk welcome budget for the poor |Read more >|TheStar

  • ‘Noble idea for artistes to have EPF contributions’ |Read more >|TheStar

  • More savings with toll discount|Read more >|TheStar

  • RM100mil grant much welcomed by community |Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Govt will fail to achieve deficit target of 3%, says Najib |Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Govt will fail to achieve deficit target of 3%, says Najib |Read more >|TheStar

  • RTO scheme eases pressure on first-time house buyers |Read more >|TheStar

  • Groups want more details on RTS project |Read more >|TheStar

  • Lower threshold for foreign buyers |Read more >|TheStar

  • Stepping stone to a brighter future |Read more >|TheStar

  • Tackling inequalities in M’sia |Read more >|TheStar

  • Dr Mahathir confident Malaysians will receive Budget well |Read more >|TheStar

  • Better study opportunities in store for OKU kids |Read more >|TheStar

  • ‘Thanks, but RM5.9bil not enough for TVET’ |Read more >|TheStar

  • Dr M: Budget 2020 shows Malaysia's financial position still strong |Read more >|TheStar

  • Bukit Aman grateful for allocations under Budget 2020 |Read more >|TheStar

  • Wee sad there's no matching grant allocation for TAR UC |Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020 addresses all challenges, says FMM |Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: 1.1 million singles over age 40 eligible for BSH |Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Doubling of special grant for Sabah a positive development, says Shafie|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Jakim welcomes increase in allocations for Islamic affairs |Read more >|TheStar

  • Chinese associations happy with funds for Chinese schools, mega-projects|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Construction industry happy, expects growth|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: It will stimulate the economy, says Anwar|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Entrepreneurship, SMEs get major boost|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Allocation for environment sees a dip|Read more >|TheStar

  • Strike a right balance between fueling growth and curtailing debt, says OCBC economist|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Govt to allocate RM1bil on incentives to draw Fortune 500 companies|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Initiatives to increase women's participation in workforce lauded|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Every single sen for education will be used properly, says Maszlee|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Mixed reactions among Sabahans|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Govt's initiative to create more jobs for youths welcomed|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Fulfil Budget 2019 promises first, Zahid tells govt|Read more >|TheStar

  • Looks like many Malaysians happy with Budget 2020, says PM|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Arts and culture boost, but is it enough?|Read more >|TheStar

  • Malaysia widens fiscal deficit target in budget, promises stimulus if needed|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Allocation insufficient for Sarawak, says SUPP|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: RM200 allowance for firemen described as ‘best news of the year’|Read more >|TheStar

  • Malaysian Bar welcomes CCTV move for detention centres, checkpoints|Read more >|TheStar

  • Full text of Budget 2020 speech|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: RM500 wage incentive for graduates who secure work|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Reducing property overhang, improving accessibility|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: DoE, DoC get RM30mil after year of pollution crisis|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Cabinet OKs MoF plan to take over four highways|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: RM83mil allocation to conserve wildlife population, protect rainforest|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Civil servants to get year-end RM500 bonus|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: RM600k threshold for foreigners to purchase urban high-rise properties|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: RM200mil to assist smallholders weather rainy seasons|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Four DFIs to merge into one entity|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: EPF to allow education withdrawals for professional certificate programmes|Read more >|TheStar

  • New 'special channel' to speed up FDI from China|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Couples can withdraw from EPF to fund IVF treatments|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Green tax exemptions extended to 2023|Read more >|TheStar

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In the News Snippets & Links 

Budget 2020 | TheStar Oct 132019

  • Eco warriors ready to ‘Save Penang Hill’|Read more >|TheStar

  • ‘Small allocation for big environmental issues insufficient’|Read more >|TheStar

  • Firemen happy to get special monthly allowance|Read more >|TheStar

  • Boost for arts and culture industry|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Bandar Malaysia project in Sungai Besi will proceed|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: Concert organisers excited about government support|Read more >|TheStar

  • Dr Dzulkefly: RM416mil allocation to be used for building clinics, new hospital|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020 does not have strategic initiatives to transform economy, says PAS|Read more >|TheStar

  • Budget 2020: MEF welcomes upskilling of workforce |Read more >|TheStar

  • ‘We want more than cash incentives’ |Read more >|TheStar

  • Sabah asks for early disbursement of Budget 2020 allocation |Read more >|TheStar

  • LGE: No public funds for politically-controlled education institutions|Read more >|TheStar

  • EPF says ready to play its role in Budget 2020 measures|Read more >|TheStar

  • Guan Eng: Wage incentives under Malaysians@Work initiative will create 350,000 jobs |Read more >|TheStar

  • Mohamad Hasan: Budget increase worrying if commodity prices stay low |Read more >|TheStar

  • Liew: Doubling Sabah's annual special grant welcomed but govt should address 40% revenue demand |Read more >|TheStar

  • RM60mil for pneumococcal vaccination programme 'a real investment in public health', say experts |Read more >|TheStar

  • Jakim pleased with RM1.3bil allocation for Islamic affairs |Read more >|TheStar

  • Latheefa hails additional manpower for MACC, says govt serious in combating graft |Read more >|TheStar

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In the News Snippets & Links 

Budget 2020 | SunDaily Oct 132019

  • Seize the opportunities in Budget 2020 proposals: Azmin |Read more >|SunDaily

  • Give more incentives under Locals@Work: MBM |Read more >|SunDaily

  • Allocation for repairs, maintenance of roads to Port Klang eagerly awaited|Read more >|SunDaily

  • Opportunity and space should be given to Felda settlers to increase income: Anak |Read more >|SunDaily

  • Guan Eng: Sarawak received second highest allocation under 2020 Budget |Read more >|SunDaily

  • 18% average reduction on toll rates in Plus Highway a condition for potential buyers |Read more >|SunDaily

  • EPF to work with relevant ministries to implement programmes under 2020 Budget|Read more >|SunDaily

  • Relinquish control of TAR UC and we will resume funding, LGE tells MCA |Read more >|SunDaily

  • Various incentives for home ownership in Budget 2020, says Zuraida |Read more >|SunDaily

  • Lowering threshold to clear unsold properties should not detract from focus on affordable housing: PAM |Read more >|SunDaily

  • Budget 2020: EPF to allow couples to withdraw for fertility treatments|Read more >|SunDaily

  • Women@Work initiative will help improve quality of life: NCWO|Read more >|SunDaily

  • Cola allowance increase helps ease burden of civil servants, says Cuepacs|