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Special Privilege CardsThe Ex-Serviceman's Card (KBT)  

Privilege card for former officers and members of the armed forces  
Last updated: December 26, 2017 
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What is this programme about?  

The Ex-Serviceman's Card (KBT) is an identification card issued to all veterans who have served in the Armed Forces.  This identification card enables veterans to obtain medical benefits at government hospitals and clinics.  Other than healthcare benefits, this card gives veterans the privilege to obtain a 50% discount on KTMB train tickets. 

In recognition of the services and sacrifices of retired members of the armed forces, the government included the Ex-Servicemen's Card (KBT) under the 1Malaysia Discount Card programme for former officers and members of the armed forces to enjoy additional privileges. 
Prior to being brought under the 1MDC umbrella, KBT cardholders were only entitled to hospital benefits and a 50 percent discount on KTM train tickets.  Under the 1MDC programme, KBT cardholders are now privileged to discounts for their purchase of goods and services at participating merchants.  In addition, medical and healthcare benefits are extended to their dependents.

The 1Malaysia Discount Card (1MDC)

The 1Malaysia Discount Card (1MDC) is a smart-partnership programme initiated by the government to involve the private sector in providing cheaper goods and services to targeted low income and vulnerable groups of Malaysians. The 1MDC programme is not a new card system but a programme to consolidate several existing cards issued to specific target groups with add-on privileges.
The main feature of the 1MDC programme is the network of participating merchants that offer discounts to cardholders for some goods and services at their outlets.
It was reported that as of June 2015, there were a total 3.5 million cardholders throughout Malaysia under the 1MDC and a total of 2,316 participating businesses. 

Currently, there are six types of cards under the 1MDC programme for specific target groups and they are:-

  1. KADS1M for students

  2. 1Malaysia Privilege Card (1MPC) for Police Force and Angkatan Tentera personnel by MOF

  3. Ex-Serviceman's Card (KBT) for veterans Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

  4. Government Pensioner's Card for retired civil servants by Public Services Department (PSD)

  5. Disabled Person's Card (Kad OKU) for People with Disabilities by Social Welfare Department (JKM)

  6. Consumer Squad Card for KPDNKK volunteers

What are MyBenefits?

Assistance: ATM's veterans identification card and discount privileges at 1MDC participating outlets

Target Group: Retired Angkatan Tentera members



Ministry: The Ministry of Defence

Agency: Jabatan Hal Ehwal Veteran ATM (JHEV)

Mailing address:

301 Medan Tuanku, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman 50802 Kuala Lumpur.  

Telephone: 603-2050 8000

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