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Secondary & Tertiary Healthcare Services

Secondary Healthcare

Secondary care is where most patients will end up when they have a serious medical condition to deal with and at the primary care level, health care providers lack the expertise. After the initial contact with primary care providers, patients with specific medical conditions that either need further investigation or specific treatment will be referred to a specialist in secondary care. Secondary care simply means that the patient will be taken care of by someone who has specific expertise to address the medical condition affecting the patient. Specialists focus either on a specific system of the body or on a specific disease or condition. For example, cardiologists focus on the heart and its pumping system. Endocrinologists focus on hormone systems and some specialize in diseases like diabetes or thyroid disease. Oncologists have a speciality in treating cancers and some focuses on a specific type of cancer.


Tertiary Healthcare

When the patient needs a higher level of speciality care within the hospital, the secondary care providers provide the referral for the patient to be hospitalised for tertiary care where highly specialised equipment and expertise are available for in-patient investigation and treatment. The main provider of tertiary care comprises a large network of 144 hospitals. There are also highly specialised hospitals that focus on one specific medical condition or system of the body such as the National Heart Institute and National Cancer Centre.

Tertiary care services comprise of highly specialised care in areas such as Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Geriatrics, Paediatric Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Respiratory Medicine, Urology and Nephrology, Plastics Surgery and Burns, Maxillofacial, Radiotherapy and Oncology, and Endocrinology.

The government’s public secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities can be categorised according to the type of specialist services available.


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Subsidy: Fully or partially subsidised healthcare services



Ministry/Agency: Ministry of Health (MOH)


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Federal Government Administration Centre, 62590, Putrajaya Malaysia

Telephone: 03-80008000
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