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Low-cost homesProject Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT) Hardcore Poor Housing Project  

Subsidy for repair and rebuild homes  
Last updated: November 26, 2017  
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What is this programme about?  

The people's housing project for the hardcore poor (PPRT) is a government housing programme to provide financial assistance to help repair and rebuild the homes of the poor and destitute living in the rural areas.  This programme is also extended to assist those who do not own a home but own land, to build their own house. In 2017, under the Hardcore Poor Housing Programme (PPRT, a total of RM333 million was used to build 1,674 new houses and renovate 11,224 nationwide. 


Repair Cost: RM10,000 to RM13,000 or
Property Price: RM40,000
Subsidy: The entire cost of repair or rebuild

Who can apply? 

General Eligibility Criteria

(Contact ministry/agency for all other requirements, if any)

a.    Malaysian citizen.
b.    Resident in Malaysia
c.    Income group – hardcore poor with household income < RM580 per month
d.    Target groups
e.    Current house in a dilapidated condition

How to apply? 
The application process

.Contact ministry/agency to find out the procedures and processes)

What documents do I need for application?
The general requirement of documents needed for the application

(Contact ministry/agency for all other requirements, if any)

  1. Copy of the identity card (myKad) of the applicant 

  2. Completed application forms

  3. Copy land title

  4. Approval of landowner (if the applicant is not the landowner)

  5. Photos of the dilapidated house

What are myBenefits? 
Assistance: Financial subsidy to repair and rebuild homes

Income Group: Hardcore poor earning household income < RM580 per month
Target Group: All Malaysians



Ministry/ Agency: Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah (KKLW)

Website:  rakyat/program-bantuan-rumah-pbr/

Mailing address: 

No 47, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4, Pusat  Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan 62100 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Telephone:03-8000 8000 



Repair Cost: RM10,000 to RM13,000 or

Property Price: RM40,000

Subsidy: The entire cost of repair or rebuild

News  & Updates 

October 29, 2017 Program Pembinaan Rumah PPRT Diteruskan Di Kelantan - Ahmad Jazlan

October 17, 2017 RM3.4 bln for Sarawak to implement RES between 2010 and 2017’

August 16, 2017 RM333.1m Allocated For PPRT This Year: Ministry


July 3, 2017 Terengganu govt to offer 5,900 land lots for housing programme

July 24, 2017 Ministry to continue implementing PBR through Felcra – Nanta

April 17, 2017 A total of 11,275 houses for hardcore poor built

May 4, 2015 PPRT house left uncompleted for eight years claim