MyBenefits: Relief Rising Cost of Living

Cost of Living Reliefs Food, Essentials & Subsidies

Government Aid, Subsidies and Programmes to Deliver Affordable Food and Essentials to Malaysians 

Food Aid


1Malaysia Milk Programme (PS1M)
Free milk for primary students from poor families

Supplemental Food Plan (RMT)
Fully subsidised meals for students from poor families

Programme for the Rehabilitation of Malnourished children (PPKZM) 
Fully subsidised food package of basis essential foods

Supplemental Food Programme of Full Cream Milk Powder 
Fully subsidised milk

Community Feeding Programme 
Essential food “Food Basket” for Orang Asli children

Program Titipan Kasih (Food Basket)
Financial aid for essential food

Balance Supplement Food Programme (PTMS)
Fully subsidised nutritional food baskets children of poor families

1Malaysia Brand Affordable Products    

Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia (MR1M)
Affordable set meals from as low as RM3.00

1Malaysia People’s Cafe (KFR1M)
Affordable set meals for varsity students

Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M)
Discounted daily essentials

Mobile Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M)
Discounted daily essential for rural households

Kedai Kain 1Malaysia (KKR1M)
Affordable fabric and ready-made garments

Subsidies & Consumer Protection Policies    1Harga Price Standardisation Programme

Cheaper essential goods for East Malaysians

Discounts for Target Groups 

1Malaysia Discount Card (1MDC) 
Discounts on goods and services for target groups

1MDC Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M) 
Discount card for students 

1MDC KPDNKK Consumer Squad Card 
Discount card for KPDNKK volunteers  

Privilege card for People with Disabilities (PWD/OKU)

1Malaysia Privilege Card (1MPC)
Privileges and Discount card for ATM and PDRM Personnel 

Kad Persara Kerajaan Malaysia (PSD) 
Privilege card for civil service pensioners

The Ex-Serviceman's Card (KBT) 
Privilege card for former officers and members of the armed forces  

Affordable Local Produce

FAMA “Pasar Tani” 
600 over markets selling cheaper local farm produce

FAMA My Farm Outlet/MyBest Buy Programme
Cheaper locally produced daily essential groceries for urban folks

AGROBAZAAR (FAMA Retail Outlet) 
Local agro products at cheaper prices

FAMA Programmes
Ensuring accessible and affordable quality farm produce

'Jualan Rakyat Program' (Public Sale Programme)

Cheaper essential goods for all Malaysians


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