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Polling Day May 09, 2018

Unstamped ballot papers issued at polling stations valid: EC
The Election Commission has assured voters that their ballots would not be rejected even if they had not been stamped by the polling clerk. Read more >

Polling Day May 09, 2018

Very good voters' turnout percentage as of 10 am: EC chairman
The percentage of voters' turnout in the morning was very good with 24% out of the total 14,449,200 electors in the 14th general election (GE14) exercising their rights as of 10 am. It was 55% at 1 pm. Read more >

Election Manifestos in the News

Know what you are Voting for

Comparison GE14 BN and PH Election Manifestos

Do you want development projects, more financial aid or structural and institutional changes? Here you will find the segmented side-by-side comparison of election promises listed by both BN and PH. Know what you are voting for. 

O Segmented side-by-side comparison of BN and PH GE14 Manifestos

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Institutional Changes April 23, 2018 

GE14 Redelineation if Pakatan wins

Pakatan Hara­pan plans to initiate a redelineation exercise if it forms the government.
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General Benefits April 10, 2018 

GE14 Aid From income to marriage, JomBN lays the foundation for a greater generation
The youth manifesto, called Jaminan Orang Muda Barisan Nasional (JomBN), contains eight guarantees of the government's plan to improve the lives of the nation's youth, Promised initiatives include employment, improvement in income and skills and assistance to get married. Read more >

General Benefits April 16, 2018 

GE14 Johor to focus on core matters for future growth
Multiple programmes under five core thrust namely economic growth, provision of comprehensive infrastructure, development of the mind, talent and skills, high-performance leadership, and establishment of a sustainable, Islamic and cultured community for Johor. Read more >

Election Manifesto April 15, 2018 

GE14 Benefits 60 pledges for Penangites if BN wins
BN pledges 60 assistance programmes under the 6 core areas, namely to solve flood and hillslope development, people's housing, traffic congestion, economic development, people's welfare and tourism and heritage. Read more >

Housing in the News

Housing April 23, 2018 

GE14 Affordable Homes Malacca recognised as the state which provides most affordable housing in terms of pricing
Khazanah Research Institute together with the World Bank has categorised Malacca as the most affordable housing provider in the country in a report entitled, "Demystifying Affordable Housing Issue in Malaysia 2017.  For example, an affordable house in Malacca costs only RM80,000, compared with one of the northern states where the price is RM240,000.

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Housing April 18, 2018 

GE14 Public Housing UTC and 500 units People's Housing Project (PPR) for Teluk Intan
PPR houses in Teluk Intan would be developed in two phases, with 250 units in each phase. UTC is a popular one-stop service centre providing various types of government over-the-counter services.  These centres operate 7 days a week and extended office hours to cater to the needs of the public. 

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Social Public Housing (PPR)



Housing April 14, 2018 

GE14 Public Housing 5,910 PPR under construction in Kedah

Currently, there were 12 PPR construction projects in Kedah comprising 5,910 units of homes with a total allocation of RM902.5 million Read more >

Social Public Housing (PPR)


Housing March 26, 2018 

GE14 Affordable Homes Perumahan Nelayan Muafakat Kedah launched 

The Government has allocated RM197.3mil for fishermen village relocations nationwide, involving 1,822 new houses in 13 locations.

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Affordable Home Financing in the News

Housing April 14, 2018 

GE14 Home Financing BN to set up special bank to facilitate housing loans if given mandate: Noh

A special bank to facilitate housing loans for affordable homes and low-cost homes will be established if the Barisan Nasional (BN) is given the mandate by the people in the 14th General Election (GE14), Read more >

Taxation in the News

Consumption Tax April 18, 2018 

GE14 GST Government will not raise GST rate, even after GE14 

The government has given an assurance that the country's Goods and Service Tax (GST) of six percent will not be raised, even after the 14th General Election (GE14). Read more >

Financial Aid in the News

Cost of Living Reliefs April 07, 2018 

GE14 Financial Aid For GE14, BN pledges to ‘put more money’ in your pocket
BN has pledged  to provide more cost of living reliefs to Malaysians with programmes that would put “more money” in their pockets to cope with the rising cost of living, Read more >

Welfare March 28, 2018 

GE14 Financial Aid Pakatan to develop a special fund for Indians
A social and economic welfare fund to eradicate poverty and aid the Indian community. The fund will begin with an allocation of RM4 billion for 10 years and funding will be provided by the government and government-linked companies. Read more >

Healthcare in the News

Healthcare April 22, 2018 

GE14 Transport Free van service receives thumbs up from dialysis patients in Klang 

The free van service was initiated by the Klang MIC division in 2015 and now provides transport to 120 patients of which 70% are dialysis patients from Klang, Kapar and Shah Alam. The free van service operates daily from 5.30 am and 10 pm.

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Healthcare April 22, 2018 

GE14 Public Healthcare Facilities Pendang, Kedah  medical centre foundation stone laid

The contractor has been appointed and work will begin on May 7. The four-storey, partially­-specialist hospital costs RM210mil and is due for completion in November 2021. It will provide inpatient and outpatient services, including for accidents and emergencies, medical and surgical care on top of 13 specialist clinics and two operating theatres.

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Healthcare April 12, 2018 

GE14 Healthcare Facilities Najib launches 12 Health Ministry projects in Penang

12 Ministry of Health's (MoH) projects to construct new healthcare facilities and upgrade existing ones.  There are also projects to add new specialist clinics to Penang General Hospital (HPP). Read more >

PTPTN Loans in the News

Education April 25, 2018 

GE14 PTPTN Loan 50,153 first class graduates exempted from PTPTN loan repayment since 1998 

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) exempted 50,153 first-class graduates at all institutions of higher learning in the country from the repayment of their loans between 1998 and March 2018 which amounts to RM1.526 billion. Read more >


Education April 09, 2018 

GE14 PTPTN Loan BN also pledged to delay PTPTN Repayment 

BN has also pledged to delay PTPTN repayments until the borrower obtains a monthly salary of RM4,000, and provide tax incentives for employers to help pay their employee PTPTN loans without a salary deduction. Read more >

Education March 08, 2018 

GE14 PTPTN Loan Pakatan's promise on PTPTN unrealistic, says fund chairman 

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) says that the Pakatan Harapan's (PH) manifesto to ease the burden of graduates was unrealistic and merely a populist move which will only lead to the increase of borrowers who will not repay their debts.  PTPTN will need to continue to rely on other financial measures to provide funds to finance new students. PH in its election manifesto pledged to postpone the study loan repayment for those earning below RM4,000 a month, as well as not blacklisting defaulters. Read more >


Benefits & Assistance for GE14 Voters

Employment in the News

Employment April 20, 2018 

GE14 1 million job opportunities through MyApprenticeship 

The MyApprenticeship programme will provide one million additional job opportunities for Malaysians, the Human Resource Ministry and the Finance Ministry would act as the facilitators.Read more >

Business Entrepreneurial in the News

Small Businesses April 21, 2018 

GE14 ETC in every district in Selangor if BN rules

Barisan Nasional (BN) promised to set up an Entrepreneur Transformation Centre (ETC) in every district in Selangor if given the mandate to form the state government in the 14th General Election (GE14).

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Transport April 11, 2018 

Malaysian voters get organised for GE14
Malaysians are helping one another by offering financial help to purchase air or bus tickets to those with difficulties obtaining tickets to come home and vote at the upcoming GE14.  Using social media, some are also pooling resources by sharing rides to go to their voting destinations. Read more >

Polling Day April 22, 2018 

GE14 Immigration counters at Johor CIQ to operate at maximum capacity from May 8-10 

Immigration counters at both Malaysia-Singapore entry points in the state will be operating at maximum capacity for three days from May 8 to 10, in conjunction with the 14th General Election (GE14).

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Polling Day April 25, 2018 

GE14 Malacca hotel offers free rooms for returning voters

The Rosa Malacca Hotel is offering free rooms for voters returning to Malacca for the 14th General Election (GE14) in its move to encourage more Malaysians to come home and vote.
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Fake News in the News

Fake news April 22, 2018 

Transportation RTD denies viral news on implementation of VEP

The Road Transport Department (RTD) today denied the viral news that the implementation of the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for foreign vehicles entering the country will take effect on May 1. The RTD in a statement today said the VEP was still at the testing and system validation stage to ensure stability and adequacy of the system before full enforcement could be implemented. The RTD also urged the public not to believe any claims by irresponsible parties and that any information pertaining to the enforcement of the VEP system can be obtained from ​Read more >


Fake News April 18, 2018

Expect more fake news during 'crazy' election season

The Anti-Fake News Act gazetted on April 11, 2018, carries a heavy penalty of a maximum jail sentence of six years and a maximum fine of RM500,000,  Read more >


Always check the authenticity of news and information before sharing.  Check the information on:-

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  • government anti-fake news portal

Community Development in the News

Community April 16, 2018 

GE14 Environment Pakatan manifesto on environmental protection more specific, say activists

In Pakatan's manifesto dubbed 'Buku Harapan', the coalition promises to govern the country based on principles of sustainability in line with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

Amongst the key promises include increasing renewable energy through renewable resources from the current 2% to 20% by 2025. Read more >

Transportation in the News

Toll April 12, 2018 

GE14 Motorcyclists exempted from toll on Penang Bridge if BN wins Penang
Motorcyclists using the Penang Bridge will be exempted from paying the toll if Barisan Nasional (BN) regains power in the state., Read more >


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