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Know what you are Voting for

Comparison GE14 BN and PH Election Manifestos

Do you want development projects, more financial aid and affordable homes, or structural and institutional changes and improvement? Here you will find the segmented side-by-side comparison of election promises listed by both BN and PH. Know what you are voting for.

This list is not absolute and may not be complete as more promises are and will be made during campaigning.  Get updates from news media and our News&Updates page.

Sources of information:

Barisan Nation (BN) GE14 Manifesto  'Bersama BN, Hebatkan Negaraku' (With BN For A Greater Malaysia) link 

Pakatan Harapan (PH) GE14 Manifesto 'Buku Harapan' (Book of Hope) link

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GE14 BN Promises Taxation

Consumption tax  

  • Not to increase GST tax rate from current 6%


Corporate tax

  • Tax reduction for companies who provide childcare facilities

  • Review corporate tax rate

  • Tax exemption period for the revival of abandoned housing project extended

Individual tax

  • Review individual tax rate

  • 24 months of tax exemption for women who return to the workforce 

  • Tax relief for parents’ medical expenses increase from RM5,000 to RM10,000

  • Rental income exempted from tax

GE14 | PH Promises Taxation

Consumption tax

  • Abolish GST in 100 days and 

  • Reintroduce with sales and service tax

  • Reduce import tax for the first car purchase below 1,600 cc

Corporate tax 

  • Review corporate tax rate especially for SMEs

  • Tax relief for companies that help staff paying Higher Education Loan Fund without salary deduction 

  • Tax reduction for property developers who build affordable homes and adopt industrialise construction system

Individuals tax 

  • Review individual tax rate especially for M40, small traders and part-time workers

GE14 BN Promises Employment

Wages, Incentives and Employment Protections

  • A gradual increment of the minimum wage from current RM1,000 to RM1,500 over next 5 years.

  • “Fair Works Commission” to ensure appropriate and equitable salary levels for employees of private companies.

  • Reducing dependency on foreign workers to 15% of the country’s entire workforce.  Create highly skilled construction workers by implementing training schemes and offering commensurate wages. Encourage employers to provide childcare facilities by offering special incentives such as tax exemptions.

  • Employees of Government-linked companies (GLC) and investment companies (GLIC) earning less than RM2,500 will be given insurance, health benefits and cost of living allowances.

  • Expand the practice of flexible working hours in the public sector, and offering incentives to companies that adopt the system


Job Creation

  • Create 3 million jobs

  • Job Matching Committee under the SL1M 2.0 programme match university students and future employers 

  • Orang-E portal a platform for Malaysians to monetise their talents and services in the market

  • Prepare Malaysian youth below the age of 30 with jobs or the requisite training to secure employment within 6 months. 

  • Incentives to capable graduates and retired language teachers to administer online teaching and learning services.

  • Create an additional 50,000 TVET job opportunities through TVET boot camps 

  • Create 10,000 job opportunities in social entrepreneurship through special funds from government-linked companies (GLCs).


  • Structured internships and soft skills training for public university students to Increase their employability

  • Structured apprenticeships and internship matching programmes at companies in the halal industry for Maahad Tahfiz graduates

  • Apprenticeship Malaysia programme in 5 pilot industries to increase the employability of unemployed graduates 

  • Career Cross Assignment programmes with government-linked companies (GLCs), government-linked investment companies (GLIC) and statutory bodies for youth 

  • Expanding apprenticeship programmes in government-linked companies (GLC).

  • Create digital training opportunities at 1Malaysia Internet Centres to prepare rural youths for jobs of the future.

  • Provide more benefits and access to affordable education and care services to those with special needs in every district.

  • Provide a specific module on early intervention to families with autistic children in collaboration with PERMATA centres.

  • Upgrade the Integrated Special Education Programme (PPKI) in all schools involved to unlock the potential of differently-abled children.

GE14 | PH Promises Employment

Wages, Incentives and Employment Protections

  • Increase minimum wage to RM1,500 in two years,  PH government will share half of the incremental amount. The current minimum wage for the private sector is RM1,000 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM920 in East Malaysia.

  • Equalise minimum wage nationwide

  • Review minimum wage every two years

  • Establish trade union to strengthen the rights of employees

  • Establish an Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) to eliminate the practice of unfair discriminatory hiring by both the public and private sectors

  • Resolve the problem of local workers unable to have a pay rise due to the high number of foreign workers

  • Prioritise local workers and reduce the number of foreign workers.

  • Legitimise 150,000 Rohingyan and Syrian refugees with UNHCR refugee card and allow them to work


Job Creation

  • Create 1 million job opportunities

  • Reduce 6 million foreign labour to 4 million during the first term of office

  • Incentives for SME businesses in villages especially the FELDA areas.  This is to create employment in the rural areas 




  • Offer free technical training to the unemployed

  • Government departments will be given a subsidy and the private sector, incentives to provide childcare services for children (up to 12 years of age) of employees

  • Introduce EPF savings for housewives, monthly 2% contribution by working husband and RM50 by the government.

GE14 BN Promises Housing

Social Public Housing

  • Public housing lease scheme introduced to assist lower income group and the disabled group as tenants


Affordable Home Supply

  • Mandatory KPI set for affordable housing schemes

Affordable Home Financing

  • New special bank to handle loan for affordable home and low-cost homes below RM300,000

Rent-to-own Scheme

  • Subsidy for banks and developers to offer rent to buy scheme

Other Matters Related to Housing

  • End the policy of Bumiputera discounts for properties priced at RM1 million and above

  • Special incentive to encourage more enterprises to participate Industrialised Building System (IBS)

  • Housing tribunal to resolve disputes

  • Set up an independent agency to coordinate affordable housing 

  • Syariah compliant sales and purchase agreement on property

GE14 | PH Promises | Housing

Social Public Housing

  • Take over maintenance costs in low-cost housing areas from residents

Affordable Home Supply

  • Increase quota for affordable home

  • Build 1 million affordable homes across the country in two terms

Affordable Home Financing

  • Create a special housing loan scheme for first-time youth homeowners

Rent-to-own Scheme

  • Launch nationwide rent-to-own scheme

  • Seek consensus with commercial banks to launch a similar scheme in private property development project and sub-sale market.

Other Matters Related to Housing

  • Set a deadline for all housing projects and offer subsistence to small and medium developers

  • Consolidate 1Malaysia home projects across the country to ensure no cronies gain from the project

  • Set up national affordable home council

GE14 BN Promises Education

Education Aid, Student Loans and Scholarships

  • Discount card for students to reduce the financial burden on transport, government services and purchase of learning items

  • 1Malaysia Education saving plan increase the one on one special incentive to RM1,000

  • PTPTN loan recipients can defer payment if their monthly salary is less than RM4,000

  • Tax relief for companies that help staff paying Higher Education Loan Fund without salary deduction 

Improve Education System

  • Malaysian citizens with overseas qualifications equivalent to SPM and STPM who have credit in Malay paper and a pass in history are qualified to enter any public institutions of higher learning. 

  • Recognise UEC for Chinese independent school students to enter public institutions of higher learning. 

  • Upgrade integrated special education plan to offer special children education and stimulate their potential

  • Through Double Language Programme (DLP), Higher Integration Programme (HIP) and trial run of English schools in Sabah and Sarawak to upgrade students’ command of language

  • Through AKPK programmes, introduce financial management courses in secondary schools to upgrade financial management concept

Education Facilities

  • Build new schools, including Chinese primary school, Tamil primary school according to demand. 

  • Special allocation offered to develop and refurbish to consolidate multi-stream of education in the country

  • Wi-Fi speed in public universities to increase to 100Gbps

  • 5 million students to be equipped with digital technology for Industrial revolution 4.0 within five years

GE14 | PH Promises | Education

Education Aid, Student Loans and Scholarships

  • Guarantee free and better public education for every level from pre-school to university.

  • PTPTN loan recipients can defer payment if their monthly salary is less than RM4,000

  • Tax relief for companies that help staff paying Higher Education Loan Fund without salary deduction 

  • Abolish blacklisted PTPTN defaulters

  • Increase scholarship and study loan especially for university students who come from B40 and M40

  • Ensure government-link companies to increase scholarships for B40 and M40 groups

  • To give cost of living allowance to students from low-income families who are accepted into public universities

Improve Education System

  • Abolish Universities and University Colleges Act 1971, ensures the quality of academics, freedom of speech, freedom of association and autonomy in higher institutions of learning. 

  • Recognise UEC for Chinese independent school students to enter public institutions of higher learning. The applicant requires a minimum of credit in SPM Malay paper

  • Institutionalise allocation to Chinese primary schools and Chinese independent schools

  • Students to receive an allocation from school and manage student union on their own

  • Offer university staff who intend to pursue further studies with scholarships

  • Offer assistantship, enhance the application of technology in schools to reduce teachers’ burden

Education Facilities

GE14 BN Promises Healthcare

Healthcare Financial Assistance

  • Improve the nutrition level of children aged from 6 months to 6 years old in hardcore poor families

  • Provide routine, unconditional health screening at Government health clinics for youths aged 35 and 40 years

  • Expand the Free Family Doctor Team concept to patients with chronic illnesses

Healthcare Services

  • Streamline door-to-door health and dental services to senior citizens and displaced patients

  • Increase the number of healthcare assistance services such as health services for pensioners

  • Add healthcare services such as haemodialysis, treatment aid fund and pensioner healthcare services

  • Improve healthcare services in rural areas by increasing the number of specialist physicians, hospitals and 1Malaysia Clinics (K1M)

  • Streamline health and dental services to elderly and bedridden patients through home visits

  • Improve the health services system through online processes including registration, appointments scheduling, case referrals and treatment.

  • New programmes and initiatives that are more effective in addressing mental health issues

  • Improve the efficiency of emergency and ambulance services

  • Increase the expertise and technological capabilities of the Communicable Disease Control Unit.

Healthcare Facilities

  • Upgrade the equipment and expertise at ATM hospitals

  • Introduce dual-function care centres for children and senior citizens

  • More polyclinics in military camps for the convenience of 60,000 ATM personnel and their families

  • Construct ATM Veteran Hospital in Ipoh, which will benefit 300,000 veterans.

  • Upgrade and build new hospitals and health clinics with an increase in Mobile Medic Team members

GE14 | PH Promises Healthcare

Healthcare Financial Assistance

  • Allocate RM500 healthcare subsidies for young people with household income below RM3, 000 per month 

  • Introduce Skim Peduli Sihat across the country (similar to Selangor) by allocating RM500 a year to B40 families to access primary care in private clinics

  • Ensure allocation of 4% of GDP to the Ministry of Health within the first term

Healthcare Services

  • Increase allocations for public hospitals to ensure healthcare of senior citizens

  • Greater service coverage through collaboration between public health centres and private clinics

  • Ensure drug and technology procurement systems are more competitive so that high-quality drugs and technology can be obtained at the lowest possible price

  • Increase allocations and incentives to encourage the private companies and welfare bodies in the treatment of rare diseases, especially amongst the needy and families with children with special needs.

  • Focus on non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Healthcare Facilities

  • Upgrade all public hospitals to increase capacity to treat more patients

  • Selected hospitals will be equipped with the latest technology to treat cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

  • Provide incentives to build palliative care centres nationwide

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