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Know what you are Voting for

Comparison GE14 BN and PH Election Manifestos

Do you want development projects, more financial aid or structural and institutional changes? Here you will find the segmented side-by-side comparison of election promises listed by both BN and PH. Know what you are voting for.

This list is not absolute and may not be complete as more promises are and will be made during campaigning.  Get updates from news media and our News&Updates page.

Sources of information:

Barisan Nation (BN) GE14 Manifesto  'Bersama BN, Hebatkan Negaraku' (With BN For A Greater Malaysia) link 

Pakatan Harapan (PH) GE14 Manifesto 'Buku Harapan' (Book of Hope) link

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GE14 BN Promises | Youth 

Financial assistance

  • Broadband charges reduced by half, speed doubled

  • Subsidy for youth in the rural area to sit for B2 licence through MyLesen programme

  • Learning subsidy for youth who sign up Malaysia online course

  • Prepare unconditional routine health examinations in government clinics for young people age 35 and 40


  • 50,000 job opportunities created through vocational education training camp

  • Set up special GLC fund to create 10,000 jobs for social entrepreneurs

  • Through SL1M 2.0 job matching committee, university students are in contacts with employers in advance

Target Group/Community Development

  • Set up MyCadang to collect views from youth, submit to cabinet on a monthly basis


  • Interim housing project for 1Malaysia youth

GE14 | PH Promises Youth

Financial assistance

  • Relax repayment scheme for Higher Education Loan Fund (PTPTN). Those who earn below RM4,000 a month can defer payment of the loan.

  • Wedding allowance for couple below 35 years of age in first marriage

  • Broadband charges reduced by half, speed doubled

  • Free education opportunities



  • Ensure sufficient employment with compatible remuneration

Target Group/Community Development

  • The mobility of youth is listed as one of the agendas in ASEAN Economic Community

  • Emphasis on sports and leisure – balance in work and life



GE14 BN Promises | Civil Servants 

  • Expand flexible-working hours plan in public service

  • Upgrade equipment in military hospitals

  • Prepare 45,000 homes for families of military personnel by 2030

  • Build 10,000 units of One Soldier One Home (SASAR) for the army

  • Build 1,800 units of One Soldier One Home for retired army

  • 10,000 units of 1Malaysia civil servant housing scheme for police

  • Increase quota on military and police personnel for pilgrimage trip

  • More PERNAMA shops selling daily items at lower prices

  • Retired soldiers who are not entitled to 1Malaysia cash aid entitle to a one-off special aid of RM600

GE14 | PH Promises Civil Servants

  • Reform administrative and political institutions

  • Politics do not intervene civil servants at work 

  • Promotion according to performance and experience

  • Encouraged to be more creative and think out of the box

GE14 BN Promises | FELDA Settlers 

  • A special incentive of RM5,000 for each FELDA settler

  • Special replanting grant of RM7,500 per hectare for eligible FELDA settler. This reduces 70% debt borne by FELDA settler due to replanting.

  • Write-off debts born by FELDA settlers for purchasing FGV shares

  • A special allocation of RM300million for eligible FELDA settlers to write-off extraordinary or extreme debt in the next five years

  • Increasing housing for FELDA settlers

  • Upgrade 422km of roads in FELDA settlers’ area

  • Additional street lamps for FELDA settlers

  • Waste system for 419km of FELDA area

  • Additional road signs, road direction and street lamps in FELDA area

  • Set up a one-stop FELDA service centre 

GE14 | PH Promises | FELDA Settlers

  • End malpractices in FELDA 

  • Restructure management framework in FELDA 

  • Defend settlers and help them to reduce debt

  • Upgrade and modernise settlers’ area

  • Improve education quality for settlers’ children

GE14 BN Promises | The Indian Community 

Structural Changes

  • BN’s Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB).

  • Setup a special unit to ensure the successful implementation of policies for the uplifting of the Indian community.

  • Strengthening the socio-economic status of the Indian community through the Prime Minister’s Department (PMD) Socioeconomic.


Financial Assistance and Funding

  • Allocation of RM1 billion for Indians to buy unit trusts managed by Permodalan Nasional Berhad.

  • Provide RM500 million in seed funding to increase the equity of the Indian community to at least three percent.

  • Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia (AS1M), a dual phase programme has already been launched, which is solely meant for the Indians. Interests free loans are in the pipeline for the poor Indian families. AS1M is the first of many Indian specific initiatives mentioned in Budget 2018.

  • In Budget 2018 the government has allocated RM20 million (RM100 million for the next 5 years) for Indian women under Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM).Development of Indian Community Unit (SEDIC) with continuous funding, skills and entrepreneurship training, and education to elevate the Indian community.Allocation of RM1 million to complete the construction of the Gandhi Memorial Hall in Sungai Petani.

Housing, Healthcare and Education

  • Improve housing in estates and providing houses for former estate workers through the government-estate partnership

  • Converting SJKTs that wish to change status, into fully aided schools; and

  • Continuing special allocations to all types of schools including SJKTs and others.

  • Increase the intake of non-Bumiputera students into public universities.


  • Other promises provided for in BN’s Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB).

GE14 | PH Promises | The Indian Community 

Structural Changes

  • Resolve the stateless issue (status of nationality) of the Indian community within 100 days. 

  • Resolve the issue of religious conversion of children for the Indian Community. 

  • Establish Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan, Salah Laku Polis, to examine all complaints about death in custody.

Financial Assistance and Funding

  • Introduce minimum wage of RM1, 500 per month in the first term which will directly help employed low-income Indians 

  • Special Fund of $1.3 billion for the first 10 years for social and economic development of Indian citizens 

  • Provide micro-credit scheme and the other financial assistance schemes which are suitable to the small community of Indian traders, focusing particularly on women, young people and businesses from home.

Housing, Healthcare and Education

  • Affordable and quality housing, priority is given to Indian families on especially for a former estate workers and the B40 households.

  • Impose condition on property developers to build more affordable homes in areas that have a large number of former Indian plantation workers. 

  • Fully fund and upgrade all Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT) to equal national schools quality.

  • Establish Tamil secondary schools fully funded by the Government 

  • Increase the number of Indian students in Boarding schools (SBP) and College-Mara Junior Science College (MRSM). Priority will be given to children of Indian families from low-income households, farm works and urban poor families

  • Invest in skills development training schemes, technical and vocational training (TVET) and apprentices (apprenticeship) to ensure future employment for the Indian community.

  • Implement inclusive social measures to eliminate gangsterism and other social problems


  • Provide training and assistance to Indian single mothers Indians 

  • Introduced entrepreneurship mentor initiative to guide Indian single mothers in small businesses

  • Target 10 percent of new workers of the Government-owned company (GLC), Federal Government agencies, State and local authorities to be from the Indian community

  • Provide opportunities to Indians to participate in land exploration projects similar to FELDA and FELCRA.

  • Establish Lembaga Wakaf Hindu

  • Provide an adequate area for temples and places of worship Hindu as well as to the cemetery.

  • Facilitate the process of getting business licenses and permits in sectors with high Indian business participation such as the transport sector, logistics and recycling centres. 

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