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Over 600 farmers’ markets nationwide selling cheaper local farm produce  
Last updated: December 6, 2017 
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What is this programme about?  

"Pasar Tani", also known as Farmers' Markets, are marketplaces set up and organised by FAMA to market local farm produce.  These markets bring farmers closer to consumers by cutting out the many layers of trade middlemen, hence product prices to consumers are very much reduced from the shortened supply chain.  Most of the Farmer's Market traders are individual or cluster farmers who sell fresh or processed agricultural products. Prices of the products sold at these market are lower than the conventional markets as the traders obtain their supplies directly from local farms and producers. These markets are located all over Malaysia and as of 2016, there were 604 “Pasar Tanis” operating nationwide and based on a count as of February 2015, there were 25,000 traders trading at “Pasar Tani”. 
Unlike your conventional "wet market", most of these markets do not operate at a permanent location on a daily basis.  Instead, they trade at different locations, but the location is fixed on a weekly basis. There are different setup types of Pasar Tani, but the base concept is the same – cheaper and fresher products for consumers from the farms.
The different types of FAMA “Pasar Tani”:-

  • Farmer's Markets

  • Farmer's Market Wholesale

  • Farmer's Market Mega

  • Farmer’s Market Caravan

  • Permanent Farmer's Markets

  • Desaraya Farmer's Market

FAMA also organises promotional events such as ‘Program Jimat Belanja Dapur’ (Thrifty Spending Programme) for consumers to buy 22 selected items offered at discounted rates of between five to 20 percent to their market prices.

What are MyBenefits?

Assistance: Organised marketplaces for cheaper farm produce
Income Group: All income groups
Target Group: All Malaysians 



Ministry: Ministry of Agriculture
Agency: Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA)

Mailing address   

Bangunan FAMA Point, Lot 17304 Jalan Persiaran 1, Bandar Baru Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.
Telephone: 603-61262020
Fax: 603-61383650/61385200

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