What is MyBenefits?

What is myBenefits

We search, gather, simplify and publish information and news-links on government assistance programmes for the benefit of all Malaysians.

Are you a typical Malaysian who thinks one or all of the following statements are true?

  • The Government does not do anything for the people.

  • Government programmes only benefit a certain segment of society.

  • Applying for Government assistance requires too much time and work

Actually, these perceptions or beliefs were what drove us to research to see if these beliefs were false or true.  What we found was that:

  • There are actually hundreds of programmes available for all segments of society but they are hard to find if you do not know where to look.

  • Many programmes were not updated on official government websites.

  • The government has programmes but we don’t know where to get this information.

Malaysian government assistance programmes

Every year billions of ringgit of taxpayers’ money are allocated and channelled to fund these programmes.  Some are targeted to help the poor and vulnerable (e.g. financial aid), some are essential services for the general public (e.g. affordable healthcare subsidised public transport) and some to address current issues causing hardship to the people (e.g. subsidised housing). 

For years people like you and me have literally thrown away money unknowingly because we didn’t know what public benefits we are entitled to, or where and how to go about getting them.   You cannot benefit from what you do not know is there. Ensure that you and those in dire need of help find out and benefit from these programmes that are funded by Malaysia’s 2 million taxpayers.

The Assistance Programmes

Billions of taxpayers' money are spent by the government on hundreds of programmes for the people.  Know the programmes, benefit from the programmes

Information on Government Programmes

Programme briefs, type of assistance and contact information

What information you will find at MyBenefits

We have spent months picking up on clues of “programmes” from news reports and many more months searching the internet to find information on these programmes. Then we try and find the ministries and agencies responsible for rolling them out and their contact information. Sometimes if we are lucky, there is information on the eligibility criteria required of the applicant and sometimes, the application process and procedures.  

We are trying our best to string all the information together to make this a one-stop information portal to benefit all Malaysians.  We hope to save you the tedious work of going through all the government departments and newspapers that we have gone through and also many man-hours of googling on the internet for information. We have compiled all the information out there to make MyBenefits the fastest, most pain-free way to find out all about the benefits available to you. 

Bridging the Information Gap and Connecting Malaysians

It is our hope that this project will bridge the information gap and enable all Malaysians to get as many benefits from the government programmes that we are all entitled to and not regret in the future how much financial assistance we could have gotten from the government all these years, IF ONLY WE HAD KNOWN ABOUT THEM!​

Share your knowledge and awareness with those around you.  Someone out there may really need some help.

Remember, Government departments also have KPI targets to adhere to, so they fail if their programmes do not reach the required targets in handing out assistance to the people. SO HELP THEM TO HELP YOU NOW! 

All contact details, numbers and emails have been compiled as far as possible to make it as easy as possible for you to contact the relevant parties for MyBenefits.

Bridging the Information Gap

Benefit from these programmes, share your awareness and knowledge to help another fellow Malaysian benefit

More Programmes, News & Updates

myBenefits list programme news, updates and announcements. More programme will be added soon.

What is New?

We have added a section where you can read news snippets when announced.  If you want to know more, you can always look for the information on myBenefits or follow the link to the news report from a reliable trust media site.​

Ironically for us, since we failed to obtain any form of governmental assistance to set up myBenefits, if you like our website and have derived some benefit from it, please click the Like button to encourage us to continue with our work. Also feel free to give us some comments on how the programmes listed are working out for you so that we can update and inform other readers.


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If you have any positive ideas or comments to share or help us improve our work, we would love to hear from you.

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Our work is still ongoing…..
Since the website is new, to date, we have only managed to input about 20% to 30% of the assistance programmes.  We will continuously update myBenefits as and when possible so please check back for more updates.  The information is not easy to come by and it takes us many man-hours to find them. Our research work is ongoing, so look out for new information on this website and social media as we search, write and publish them for the benefit of all Malaysians.  

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Our Work

Our Work is far from completion…..