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MyBenefits Relief on: Food & Essentials

1Malaysia DiscountsKedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M)  

Discounted daily essentials  
Last updated: December 8, 2017 
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What is this programme about?  

KR1M is a government “1Malaysia” brand chain of convenience stores that sell daily essential goods at discounted prices to the market.  The goal of this government programme is to lessen the burden of the rising cost of living for all Malaysians and also to create a market for locally produced products by Small and Medium Enterprises. 
KR1Ms’ operation is based on the “mini market” format. The initial set-up cost is financed by the government but the shops are operated and financed by the appointed private company. Up to August 2017, all 185 KR1M outlets were managed by Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad, a well-established local retailer.  By buying bulk from the suppliers, KR1M is able to offer a lower price for many essential goods.  In order to make it affordable many of these products are repackaged into smaller quantities.  Lower-income households can now purchase daily essentials such as cooking oil, rice and sugar at the bulk price but need not fork out a huge amount of money for the entire bulk.

The government plays an important role in coordinating and price control of the supply of essential items - such as cooking oil, rice, sugar and flour sold at these shops.  With the revamped KR1M 2.0, this arrangement remains, the new operators purchase the supplies of these essential goods direct from suppliers approved and appointed by the ministry at a lower to market price and is expected to pass the savings on to consumers.

The government is looking at revamping the entire KR1M franchise by the end of 2017. The new KR1M 2.0 will no longer be franchised to a single private company.  The government is looking into converting and expanding this “mini-market” network of shops into business opportunities for individual entrepreneurs. KR1M 2.0 will be open to all parties keen to have their own business outlet.  The base concept of KR1M to reduce costs by eliminating the middlemen in the supply chain and bulk purchase remains intact. It has been projected that by 2018 there may be as many as 500 outlets. 

What are MyBenefits?

Assistance: Affordable daily essentials
Income Group: All income groups
Target Group: All Malaysians 


Ministry/Agency: The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK)

Mailing address  :

Lot 2G3, Presint 2, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62623 Putrajaya
Telephone: 1-800-88-6800

The “1Malaysia” Brand
The discount shops retailing “1Malaysia” brand products are not shops operated or funded by the government.  The government provides the roadmap and if interested private sector business entities meet the 3 required criteria, the government franchises the brand name to be used by these businesses.  The products or services must be for the people, they must be of good quality and priced cheaper than market rates.  Currently, there are five “1Malaysia” franchise shops selling discounted goods to Malaysians nationwide and they are:-

Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia
1Malaysia People’s Cafe (KFR1M)
Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M)
Mobile Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M) 
Kedai Kain 1Malaysia (KK1M) 


The main objective of these 1Malaysia brand franchise discount/fair price outlets is to ease the high cost of living burden of the lower income Malaysian households, but all Malaysians are welcome to enjoy cheaper goods and greater discounts of everyday household necessities.


Location: Malaysia

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