Malaysian Government Assistance Programmes  

Malaysian Government Assistance Programmes

Government programmes for the citizens are a form of social protection to provide basic necessities to the vulnerable and those in need who are usually the lower-income segment of the population and targeted group of individuals such as People with Disabilities, the elderly and children.  Every year, billions of Ringgit in taxes are collected by the Malaysian government from working individuals and businesses which are then, used to administer the country and also channelled into development and social protection programmes for the betterment of the people. However, in a recent survey by a local company, the results showed that only 49% of Malaysians are aware of these government initiatives which raises the concern of the effectiveness of these programmes in benefiting the targeted beneficiaries.  

We have categorised these programmes according to their objectives of providing the bare necessities, opportunities to uplift lives and general wellbeing enhancers. The provision of food, housing and healthcare are the general bare essentials of everyday living.  Education, skill development, employment and entrepreneurial/business opportunities lift individuals and households to improved and better standard of living. Community developments enhance the people’s wellbeing.  By bridging the information gap and raising the greater awareness of these initiatives to the public, is a step forward in improving the connectivity between the people and the programmes to effectively benefit more Malaysians.

More Assistance Programmes to be published soon

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Assistance extended to Malaysians in need

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What is MyBenefits?

Are you a typical Malaysian who thinks one or all of the following statements are true?

  • The Government does not do anything for the people.

  • Government programmes only benefit a certain segment of society.

  • Applying for Government assistance requires too much time and work

Actually, these perceptions or beliefs were what drove us to research to see if these beliefs were false or true.  What we found was that:

  • There are actually hundreds of programmes available for all segments of society but they are hard to find if you do not know where to look.

  • Many programmes were not updated on official government websites.

  • The government has programmes but we don’t know where to get this information.​


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Safety Nets

  • Retirement & Savings

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What is myBenefits

About MyBenefits

We search, gather, simplify and publish information and news-links on government assistance programmes for the benefit of all Malaysians.

Government assistance programmes

Malaysian government assistance programmes

Billions of taxpayers' money are spent by the government on hundreds of programmes for the people.  Know the programmes, benefit from the programmes

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Information on Government Programmes

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Bridging the Information Gap 

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